23.10. / München

Falk Rosenthal

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Falk Rosenthal from Gravity was chosen as this year’s Eyes&Ears of Europe Excellence Award winner for his award-winning and innovative contribution to broadcast stage screen design. For 10 years he has been bringing screens on stage to life for a great number of the biggest entertainment brands and artists worldwide, which include casting, music and award shows. He is outstanding in his field and has had ground-breaking productions with augmented reality for live shows, which in that scale have never been risked by anyone else in the business. His dedication to push technology to its limits, while simultaneously creating an environment that supports the show content, the brand and the performing artist is unique. This discipline often goes unnoticed as an integral part of the overall set design, thus it’s time to bring it out into the spotlight and honor the international leading talent for television stage screen design.