EYES & EARS Conference

23 October / Munich

Eyes & Ears of Europe

The media and digital industry is changing. Influencer Marketing, Artificial Intelligence as well as Mixed, Augmented or Virtual Reality are just some of the new developments that designers, promotion producers and marketing managers, in short: the creative producers of moving images, must be well-informed about. With current case studies from design, promotion and marketing, the daily challenges of the industry are also not overlooked. Excellent New Talents projects round off the program. In a relaxed atmosphere, the latest trends and perspectives are presented and discussed during the day at the hbw ConferenceCenter.

Speakers & Exhibitors

Dietmar Dahmen

Speaker & Creative Consultant, Vienna

Nicolau Tudela

Art Director RTP, Portugal

Norbert Menkel

Project Leader ZDF, Mainz

Anton Riedel

Creative Director FEEDMEE Design, Köln

Lukas Paltram 

Creative Director Dalton Maag, London

Daniel Koller

Creation & Conception SevenOne AdFactory, Unterföhring

Niels Rasmussen

Head of Online & Multimedia NDR, Hamburg


Felix Hummel

Founder & Director BuzzBird, Berlin

Patrick Arnecke

Head of Design & Promotion SRF, Zürich

Julia Wegeler 

Head of Digital Products n-tv, Cologne


Jürgen Irlbacher

Managing Director Creation Consulting, Creative Director Content pilot, Hamburg

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Benjamin Reininger

SVP Marketing DAZN Europe, Berlin

Barbara Simon

Creative Director & Brank Consultant, Munich


Brett Richards

Director/Founder Brokendoll, Stockholm

Sebastian Gsuck
CEO MediaApes, Neustadt

Nûjîn Kartal

3D Audio Specialist MediaApes, Neustadt


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe


Dietmar Dahmen, Speaker & Creative Consultant, Vienna

Every day, you need the ring. Every day, new developments, new customer demands, new tech tries to knock you out. What do you need to do? FIGHT BACK!!! In a powerful 45-min presentation, international Keynote Star Dietmar Dahmen will rock you through the latest trends and show how YOU can use them to secure your championship in the years to come.

The Wonders of a Floating World

Nicolau Tudela, Art Director RTP, Portugal

Portugal is a country strongly connected to Europe. And it is also wide open to the ocean where everything flows. We are all connected. 500 years ago, Lisbon was the centre of all sea routes. Today, it is again a great city of diversity, respect and tolerance – a society for all colours, cultures and creeds.

The graphics for ECS 2018 were born of an immense aquatic space where wonders of life flow. Quoting the poet Camilo Pessanha:

"Below clear water

We see the ocean floor of fine sand...

a pristine peregrine figure

The endless distance that keeps us apart!

Pebbles made of the whitest porcelain,

Light pink-coloured shells,

In the cold, bright translucence

They lie deep under the flat water"

Through these words, through drawing, we understand how to record the moment, the understanding "is fast, clear and simple"

The graphics for ESC Lisbon 2018 were created, inviting ALL ABOARD TO CELEBRATE EUROPE, EUROPEANS and MUSIC.

Pretty in …GRELLOW?!

Norbert Menkel, Project Leader ZDF, Mainz
Anton Riedel, Creative Director FEEDMEE Design, Cologne

What is behind ZDFneo's striking redesign? Norbert Menkel, Project Leader ZDF, and Anton Riedel, Creative Director FEEDMEE Design, present a 360° view of ZDFneo's 12° design.


BBC Reith - One Font Family on all Platforms

Lukas Paltram, Creative Director Dalton Maag, London

The BBC Reith typefaces were developed as a collaboration between BBC GEL and Dalton Maag, and were released in 2017. BBC Reith is a modern type system with particular regard for legibility on screen. Balancing personality and functionality, the design efficiently carries the BBC's brand identity and message across any medium. Lukas Paltram will present insights into the development of the project. 

TO PAY ATTENTION TO STH. – The creative battle for the world's most valuable currency

Daniel Koller, Creation & Conception SevenOne AdFactory, Unterföhring

Knowledge transfer through interaction

Niels Rasmussen, Head of Programming Online & Multimedia NDR, Hamburg

Kaum jemand möchte sich bei Themen heute noch durch lange Texte arbeiten. Durch Interaktion, erst recht wenn sie auch spielerische Elemente enthält, fällt es leichter und macht auch noch Spaß. Wenn dann noch Aha-Effekte auftreten, bleiben neue Erkenntnisse mit Sicherheit auch besser hängen. Im besten Falle wird das Thema damit sogar gesprächswertig. Bei der ARD-Themenwoche 'Gerechtigkeit' hat der NDR bewusst darauf gesetzt. 

Artificial Intelligence is eating the world

Patrick Arnecke, Head of Design & Promotion SRF, Zürich

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved rapidly in recent years. AI has become the 4th industrial revolution that will turn society, culture and work upside down. Hype and expectations are enormous, many challenges unresolved.

Artificially intelligent systems analyze and generate images, texts, sounds, language, recognize faces and emotions, write news articles, compose music, diagnose deadly diseases, fly drones, play space invaders, go & poker - much of it faster and often better than humans can.

What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? How does Deep Learning work - the technique that has made the most amazing progress recently? Based on many concrete examples, Patrick Arnecke shows the state of development and discusses possible fields of application for media companies and agencies.

Late Night on YouTube, how television makers became influencers marketing experts!

Felix Hummel, Gründer & Geschäftsführer BuzzBird, Berlin

Felix Hummel was one of the first German YouTube Original Channel Producers in Germany. With the show "Onkel Bernis Butze" he tried to establish Late-Night on YouTube, with the production value of a TV production. The story of a format idea that turned TV bunnies into influencer experts and the realization that #SubForSub doesn't work!

"Alexa, open n-tv"

Julia Wegeler, Head of Digital Products n-tv, Cologne

What content does a news channel publish on a platform that is initially designed for audio messages only? How do you approach this new form of presentation, what challenges have emerged along the way and how have they been mastered?

PANIK CITY: How a multimedia brand experience is created

Jürgen Irlbacher, Managing Director & Creative Director Content pilot, Hamburg

See more, hear more and feel more: In a digitalized world, the development of new innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or artificial intelligence also increases the possibilities for staging brands - and that seemingly without limits. If you want to create an outstanding and sustainable brand experience, you should rely on a multimedia overall concept that combines technological innovations with interactive storytelling in a holistic way.

The extraordinary and multimedia exhibition concept of PANIK CITY in Hamburg, which in this case focuses on one person, shows how this can be achieved successfully: Udo Lindenberg. As Creative Director Content, Jürgen Irlbacher was involved from the very beginning in the conception together with the specialists of pilot Screentime, who are mainly responsible for the conceptual, strategic and technological implementation.

Irlbacher gives an insight into the work from the beginning to the opening.

From niche to mainstream - the rise of the DAZN streaming service

Benjamin Reininger, Senior Vice President Marketing, DAZN Europe, Berlin

After the DAZN sports streaming service had spent two years building up its brand very specifically over specific sub-target groups, the service ignited its biggest campaign to date at the start of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in the summer of 2018. Under the slogan "Hier ist der Platz" (Here is the field), a cross-media presence was created that positioned DAZN as a must-have for all football fans.

What’s new, what’s (g)old? What’s hot, what’s not?

Barbara Simon, Creative Director, München

Brett Richards, Director Brokendoll, Stockholm

Join us on a whirlwind trip around the world to looking at the latest and greatest work in design, promotion and marketing. Inspiration for broadcast and beyond.



MediaApes SpatialSound Wave presents 3D sound with a worldwide innovation: The combination of 3D headphones and 3D loudspeaker systems in conjunction with Virtual Reality. Additionally, various immersive productions and application examples will be demonstrated, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in acoustic worlds. In cooperation with leading minds from the creative industries, research, industry and production, emotional experience concepts are created that speak for themselves because they are time-to-market.

The immersive agency MediaApes presents the future of entertainment.