23.10. / München

Best cross-media station campaign

1. Prize

n-tv: Wir bleiben dran 

To promote n-tv's new brand identity with its modified logo and the claim "We persevere", the station launched an extensive crossmedia image campaign. The emotional promise of the brand communicates reliability, dedication and courage while simultaneously emphasising its singularity: "When everyone is chatting, one must talk straight". Whether in print, TV or online – the same applies everywhere: you can rely on n-tv! 

Creative Team: Cornelia Dienstbach, Director Marketing n-tv & Special Interest Verticals Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Sabrina Engel, Brandmanager n-tv Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Havas Germany, Düsseldorf

2. Prize

RTL LIVING: Weihnachten 2017

Creative Team: Thomas Hilbrecht, Trainee Brand Manager/CV Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Suse Engel, Producer Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

3. Prize

BDA Creative: MTV FREE

Creative Team: Marc Strotmann, Executive Creative Director BDA Creative; Benjamin Kerneck, Managing Director, Projektleitung BDA Creative; Verena Greiner, Projektmanagement BDA Creative; Anika Flade, Senior Art Director, Motion-Design BDA Creative; Tobias Fleck, Text BDA Creative; Mike Hilzinger, Art Direction BDA Creative; Lauren Nola, Director Youth & Music Brands GSA VIMN Germany; Ulla Eisenberg, Senior Manager Marketing GSA Comedy & Entertainment, Youth & Music VIMN Germany; Mirja Stork, Senior Manager Engagement GSA VIMN Germany

Best cross-media programme campaign

1. Prize

ZDF: Ku'damm 59

The three-part TV movie 'Ku'damm 59' revives the 50s and places the hypocrisy of the world of glamour in the centre of the story. This is also reflected in ZDF's crossmedia programme campaign: The protagonist between flashes of light on the red carpet with smeared make up and a tear in her eye – a disruption in the illusory world of glamour and in her inner life. The elaborate campaign incorporates trailers, posters, pillars, info screens, station videos as well as a variety of online promotion and social media activities. The thematically complete and impressive campaign generated the highest click rates of a fictional programme in the ZDF media library to date. Striking and effective!

Creative Team: Thomas Grimm, Leitung Marketing ZDF; Tino Windisch, Leitung Programm-Marketing 2 ZDF; Anja Sotscheck, Redakteurin On Air ZDF; Daniela Kühn, Redakteurin Off Air ZDF; Christina Holzer, Senior Art Director KNSK Werbeagentur; Vanessa Menke, Art Director KNSK Werbeagentur; Katharina Strauß, Executive Producer Film Deluxe; Tobias Schult, Fotograf; Jörn Heitmann, Regisseur

2. Prize

BDA Creative: Pastewka – Staffel 8

Creative Team: Marc Strotmann, Executive Creative Director BDA Creative; Markus Eckl-Jordan, Project Lead BDA Creative; Damian Sturm, Art Director BDA Creative; Judith Aloni, Senior Marketing Manager Amazon Prime Video

3. Prize

HISTORY: Guardians of Heritage - Hüter der Geschichte 

Creative Team: Sebastian Wilhelmi, Director Marketing & Communications A+E Networks Germany; Angelika Zank, Head of Marketing A+E Networks Germany; Florian Kemeter, Senior Marketing Manager A+E Networks Germany

Best cross-media event marketing

1. Prize

Puls 4: 4Gamechangers Festival 2018

The 4Gamechangers festival is a platform for visionaries, start-ups, pioneers and trendsetting digital projects. The focus is on inspiration, entertainment and networking which is also communicated in the crossmedia marketing. In addition to TV commercials, print ads and invitation mailings, the corporate identity is also implemented through merchandise. Puls4 created an attention-grabbing event campaign with its modern and stylish design!

Creative Team: Jan Hosa, Executive Creative Director ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Alexandra Feldhofer, Graphic-Design ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Daniel Hager, Art-Director On-Air, Motion Design ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Gabriel Moinat, Art-Director Brand ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Timo Bidla, Texter/Konzept ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Doris Prodinger, Client Service, Brand Strategy ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Desiree Wachmann, Projektmanagerin ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4; Alexander Kropf, Projektmanager ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4

2. Prize

RTL: Spendenmarathon

Creative Team: Björn Klimek, Leiter Marketing & Creative Director RTL Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Michael Zschiesche, Brand Manager Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Valerie Kerscher, Projektmanagement Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Niklas Klütsch, Kommunikation RTL Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Jan Auditor, Produktionsmanagement Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Martin Tietjen, Moderation Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Madeline Müller, Projektmanagement Social Media Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Philipp Welkisch, Produktionsleiter CNC Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

2. Prize

VOX: ECHO 2018

Creative Team: Jutta Hertel, Marketingleitung VOX Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Nina Gless, Brandmanager VOX Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Martina Gentile, Projektmanagement Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Thomas Dettinger, On Air Producer Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Guido Lange, Art Director Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Juliane Richter, Art Director Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Rolf Amann, Sounddesign Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Svenja Pasternacki, Digital Marketing Manager Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Franziska Keul, Media Manager Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland