EYES & EARS 2018

New Talents

The Eyes & Ears New Talents give young talent a platform to showcase their innovative work. Practical, inspiring, and promising, they present their projects to an expert audience as part of the European Conference for Design, Promotion and Marketing. The industry meeting offers them the opportunity to get to know those who are always looking for young creative talent. At the same time, these young talents give long-time media professionals creative ideas for their own work.

On September 14, a jury chose the three finalists who will present their projects as part of the Eyes & Ears Conference.

The Eyes & Ears New Talents Jury 2018:

Prof. Manfred Becker, Ehrenpräsident Eyes & Ears of Europe; Patrick Block, SAE Institute; Mark Fleig, Golden Claim; Leonard Graf, Screenworks; Oliver Haroun, leondi; Volker Hundertmark, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Patrick Ruch, DW; Edwin Tetteh, spotville; Timon Vielhaber, World of VR; Cuong Vu, SRF Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen.

The New Talents 2018 are:

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Storie di Terra

Nikolaus Kohler & Nikolai Knoblauch, n2k Munich

Storie di Terra tells the story of Michele Golia, a ceramic artist from the small town of Orvieto near Rome. Michele has very little, material things are not important to him. His art always includes themes of transience and the certainty that human life does not last forever. For the first time Michele speaks openly about his difficult life as an artist and what it is like to live on the poverty line.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

A Guide to the Apocalypse

Adrian Graf, Graduate of ZHdK Zürich
Dennis Ginsig, Actor

In 2018, scientists set the "Doomsday Clock" to two minutes to twelve. The symbolic clock indicates how close mankind is to a devastating catastrophe. Parameters such as nuclear armament, the environment and political uncertainty are taken into account. The bachelor thesis "A Guide to the Apocalypse" describes five possible scenarios for the end of the world and uses photos and videos to illustrate general survival strategies.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

After Silence

Henning Himmelreich, Graduate Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

After Silence focuses on the inner process of mental and emotional regeneration of the human psyche. As a visual symbol of this process, the film makes use of Egyptian mythology and the odyssey to the afterlife described therein in an abstract way.