Eyes & Ears Awards

International Eyes & Ears Awards - The Award for Outstanding Design, Promotion & Digital Achievements

Once a year, at the International Eyes & Ears Awards Show, the best productions are shown and their makers are awarded the Eyes & Ears Awards Trophy. The prizes are awarded in the areas of design, digital, promotion and cross-media campaigns. The show offers a unique opportunity to get an impression of trends, innovations and new perspectives. At the same time, the industry meeting offers the opportunity to get to know the makers behind the individual productions and to exchange ideas.


The Eyes & Ears Awards 2019 will take place as part of EYES & EARS, an inspiring day for creative people that lasts into the night!

Call for Entries

The submission phase for the 21st International Eyes & Ears Awards begins on 15 April 2019 and runs until 1 July 2019. 

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Eyes & Ears Academy

Interdisciplinary, critical and open

The Eyes & Ears Academy is the training and continuing education programme of Eyes & Ears of Europe. In addition to theory and practice, everyday problems and challenges of the participants are the main focus. It is a matter of concern for Eyes & Ears to identify possible approaches. The offer is aimed at media professionals from the audiovisual sector. The regular events include a wide range of topics from the fields of design, promotion & marketing, law, presentation, soft skills etc.

Upcoming Eyes & Ears Academies
17. – 18.10.
Texten macht glücklich – Basics für On- und Off-Air-Texte
Eyes & Ears Academy, Berlin

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