EYES & EARS 2018

20th International Eyes & Ears Awards

23.10. / Munich/ Movie Theatre Sendlinger Tor

On Tuesday, 23 October 2018, Eyes & Ears of Europe will show the best productions of the year for the 20th time and award the creative teams with the International Eyes & Ears Awards. This year the award ceremony will once again take place at Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor.

The International Eyes & Ears Awards are a contribution to securing creative, innovative and effective design, promotion and brand communication activities. With this, trends and new perspectives for communication in the audiovisual media are highlighted.

The best productions of the past year and their creative teams are honoured in different categories in the fields Design, Audio, Interactive, Promotion and Cross-Media Campaigns. Projects that were first published for the first time from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 may be submitted.

For exceptionally impressive overall achievements Eyes & Ears of Europe will award the Eyes & Ears special prizes. In addition, Universal Publishing Production Music donates a special prize for the 'Best use of music'. 

Submissions Portal

From May onwards, you can submit your contributions by Sunday, July 1, 2018, at the latest, via the Internet portal https://www.eeofe-awards.org/en/

Please register via the registration form on the internet portal to submit your entries for the Eyes & Ears Awards 2018. After activation by Eyes & Ears of Europe you will receive an email. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe



Best design in print or poster advertising

Best new corporate design package

Best bumper or station-ID package

Best seasonal design package

Best lead-in

    • Fiction
    • Sports
    • News & Information
    • Kids
    • Comedy
    • Show & Entertainment
    • Culture & Documentary

Best studio design/set design

Best information or news design 

Best sports design

Best programme-related design package 

Best 2D/3D animation

Best typographical design

Best design-related audio


Best digital presence 

Beste online advertising

Best viral 

Best digital marketing spot

Best digital marketing campaign

Best digital content marketing campaign

Best digital influencer campaign

Best digital innovation


Best station spot

Best on air programme spot

    • Acquired fictional productions
    • Local fictional productions
    • Sports
    • News & Information
    • Kids
    • Comedy
    • Show & Entertainmen
    • Culture & Documentary

Best B2B spot

Best special advertising

Best special marketing

Best promotion spot for special programmin

Best radio spot

Best text design or use of language and voice

Best on air station campaign 

Best on air programme campaign

    • Acquired fictional productions
    • Local fictional productions
    • Sports
    • News & Information
    • Kids
    • Comedy
    • Show & Entertainmen
    • Culture & Documentary

Best promotion campaign for special programming

Best editing 

Best camera

Best direction

Best promotion-related audio design 

Best promotion-related musical composition

Best use of music

Best social spot or campaign


Best cross-media station campaign 

Best cross-media programme campaign

Best cross-media event marketing 

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Entry Criteria

Initial broadcast

  • The entry must have been published, online or broadcast by a station, on a VoD-platform in, in a cinema, on the Internet or in the context of an event for the first time between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.
  • Regarding campaigns consisting of several spots, it is imperative that at least one of these spots has been published, online or broadcast for the first time between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

What would you like to tell the jury:

  • Please provide relevant information on the key points 'Innovation, Creation, Efficiency, Context, and Usage'.

Language & subtitles

  • Contributions that are not in German or English should have subtitles in one of these two languages.


  • All submissions must correspond to the usual broadcast volume level R128
  • Please use only original music and sounds.

Video clips, black screens, panels

  • Each entry must be submitted as a separate clip.
  • If you would like to submit the same entry into several categories, you must complete separate entries.
  • More than one entry for the same or a different category in one clip will not be accepted.
  • Assessment will only be made for what can be seen and heard on the tape: Please note that all elements of your entry – including all print or poster motifs, give-aways and other merchandise, radio commercials and/or websites, e.g. in the case of an integrated campaign – must be seen or heard in your submitted clip
  • Black screens should be no longer than 2 seconds.
  • Please DO NOT use any panels with the title or the category of the submission.

Digital categories

  • Please note that websites, Social Media, mobile applications etc. must be accessible permanently until the end of 2017 in Germany and Switzerland. Please create guest log-ins if necessary and supply them with your submission.
Eyes & Ears of Europe

Fees & free entries

Early Bird submissions up to 2 weeks before the official deadline (up to and including 17 June 2018)        
€ 350,-

Standard submissions from 2 weeks before official deadline (from 18 June up to and including 1 July 2018)    € 400,- 

Depending on your Eyes & Ears of Europe membership, you have a number of free submissions: 

Type of membershipNo. of free submissions

Personal membership*

1 free submission

University/Institutional Membership 

1 free submissions

Start-Up Membership

4 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 1

2 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 2

4 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 3

6 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 4

12 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 5

18 free submissions 

Corporate Membership 6

36 free submissions 


* except memberships for pensioners, job seekers, students and honorary members 

Eyes & Ears of Europe


All entries to the International Eyes & Ears Awards will be judged in one of the 3 expert juries. Each expert jury consists of a maximum of 15 members of Eyes & Ears of Europe. The expert juries nominate 3 finalists in each category for the final jury. The final judging takes place online. 

Members who apply as jurors must work in the relevant field and have several years of professional experience. This is to ensure that all jurors can competently assess the respective technical aspects for the areas 'Design', 'Digital' and 'Promotion' & 'Cross-Media Campaigns'. Please send a short CV with your application showing your professional competence.
Each institutional member may send a maximum of one representative per expert jury. In addition, every full, personal member - with the exception of student and reduced individual members - can apply for the expert juries.
The final judging takes place by the online jury. Each institutional member has the opportunity to appoint a technically competent representative as a juror for each of the four specialist areas 'Design', 'Digital', 'Promotion' and 'Cross-Media Campaigns' of the online jury. It is therefore possible to nominate up to four employees per institutional member, whereby these employees must be named as members of Eyes & Ears. Please indicate in your application for the online final jury the area for which you would like to judge. In addition, every full, personal member can apply for the online jury.

Jury of the Eyes & Ears Awards 2017

Your contact

Ina Braun, +49 (221) 6060 57 10, ina.braun@eeofe.org

Marion Snyders, +49 (221) 6060 57 17, marion.snyders@eeofe.org

Eyes & Ears of Europe