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Sebastian Gsuck, MediaApes

Sebastian Gsuck, CEO MediaApes, Neustadt 

Sebastian Gsuck is a specialist for 360° concepts with a focus on audio & production in stereo & 3D. Through his experience in agency life, including as managing director of an advertising agency, he has dedicated himself to working in the network. As the "chief monkey" of the MediaApes he knows that only emotions, paired with strategy, allow the best concepts to emerge. The focus on sound has been expanded to include 3D audio. Here, the MediaApes are regarded as pioneers for establishing immersive experiences on headphones and loudspeaker arrangements. In 2016, Sebastian Gsuck with MediaApes was awarded the creative and innovation prize Kreativsonar RLP. This was followed by further prizes at the SXSW in Austin and his own 'Immersive Audio' panel at the German Haus. His motto: "You have to think projects big - they get smaller on their own" and that's why he advocates to plan and use budgets correctly right from the start. In his case, this of course includes the sound in particular.