New, cross-media connection between TV and mobile: RTL II links "Berlin - Day & Night" and THE DOME on IGTV

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

On 30 November 2018 RTL II brought its music show THE DOME back on stage. To promote the event, the channel launched a cross-media combination of TV and IGTV, the video application of Instagram, with a special of its reality soap "Berlin – Day & Night".

Eyes & Ears of Europe

THE DOME returned to the screens last year. The older ones among us are well acquainted with the music brand. But young target groups have never come into contact with the music show before. So how does RTL II manage to get them excited about the comeback? "That presented us with a challenge," says Tina Wiesner, Head of Marketing Creation & Advertising.

In addition to classic promotion measures, she has found a creative approach together with her team, the RTL II Social Media department, filmpool entertainment GmbH and IGTV. "'Berlin – Day & Night' is a successful brand that appeals to exactly the right target group. So why not create a link between the two formats?" Wiesner explains the basic idea.

In order to make viewers aware of the event, a cross-format story with the "Berlin – Day & Night" series character Nik was developed. Starting in the soap, he takes an adventurous trip to THE DOME. For this, RTL II produced extensive content with the support of the RAAW agency. The storyline was teased on-air three days before "The Dome" by a voice message from Nik to his friends. The fans were asked to follow Nik's trip to "The Dome" by text insertions. From that moment on, Nik's story #nikxthedome was continued cross-media, exclusively and in real-time on Instagram Stories and IGTV. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Carlos Zamorano, RTL2

"Cross-media storytelling is an integral part of our format communication when addressing our young target group. Now we are opening up another new touch point on IGTV for addressing target groups and are creatively linking two of our programme brands via Instagram," says Carlos Zamorano, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at RTL II.

The result: 10,000 new followers for the "Berlin – Day & Night" channel and 14.9 million organic reach. "We are more than satisfied with the result, because the IGTV stories provided an enormous amount of buzz," Wiesner sums up. She will present the "Nik x THE DOME" case together with the project manager Lea Lex at the Promax in Amsterdam on 25 March.

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Eyes & Ears of Europe
Tina Wiesner

And how did "THE DOME" turn out? 9.000 enthusiastic fans celebrated the comeback in the König-Pilsner-Arena with more than 25 national and international music stars. The new concept, which combined the big live show with a YouTube live stream as well as backstage stories and interviews, paid off. The TV broadcast of the show achieved 8.4 percent market share among 14-29 year-olds and 13.1 percent among young women. The YouTube stream had a total of 130,000 views and more than 10,000 user comments.

On 24 March, Promax starts in Amsterdam, alongside EYES & EARS one of the most important creative conferences of the year. Tina Wiesner and Lea Lex from the Marketing Creation & Advertising department at RTL II will present this exciting and unique case on 25 March. With the help of IGTV, they have not only cleverly linked TV and mobile, but they have also brought two completely different formats together so that they can benefit from each other.