The EYES & EARS consists of Conference and the International Eyes & Ears Awards. The conference will focus on current projects, trends and future perspectives in the fields of design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. The event will feature inspiring keynotes, excellent New Talents projects and current case studies from the fields of TV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture. In the evening the International Eyes & Ears Awards Show will take place. For the 20th time, Eyes & Ears of Europe presents the International Eyes & Ears Awards for particularly creative, innovative and effective design, promotion and brand communication measures of the year.

EYES & EARS 2018 offers the opportunity for personal exchange and networking. The event is a valuable trend barometer and a top-class communication platform for European developments in the audiovisual media sector for both professionals and young professionals from the fields of design, promotion and marketing.

EYES & EARS: Conference

At the Conference, current projects from the fields of TV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture will be presented. National as well as European and international broadcasters and agencies will give insights into their projects and thus convey new perspectives. By picking up on current media developments, trends and challenges, the talks offer participants inspiration and ideas for their own work. 

EYES & EARS: New Talents

The Eyes & Ears New Talents provide a platform for young talents to present their innovative work. During the Conference, they present their projects to an audience of experts. The event offers them the opportunity to make direct contact with those who are always looking for young creative talents. At the same time, long-term media professionals will receive creative impulses for their own work.

EYES & EARS: Awards

Once a year, at the International Eyes & Ears Awards Show, the best productions are shown and their makers are awarded the Eyes & Ears Awards Trophy. The prizes are awarded in the areas of design, digital, promotion and cross-media campaigns. The show offers a unique opportunity to get an impression of trends, innovations and new perspectives. At the same time, the industry meeting offers the opportunity to get to know the makers behind the individual productions and to exchange ideas.

EYES & EARS: Get-together

The EYES & EARS Get-together will take place directly after the Eyes & Ears Awards. With drinks, snacks and good music, the participants of the EYES & EARS can end the day in a beautiful ambience - exchange ideas about the highlights of the day, celebrate the award winners, meet new contacts as well as old friends and plan new projects.

Since 1999, the Call for Entries for the International Eyes & Ears Awards have been announced every year in April in the categories design, digital (formerly interactive), promotion and cross-media campaigns. Until the beginning of July, the competition will be open to broadcasters, marketing managers, art and creative directors, promotion producers, copywriters, composers, professors, students and trainees.

The different expert juries for the individual categories discuss the submissions and select three finalists per subcategory. The online jury will select the winner from these three entries.

At the Eyes & Ears Awards Show, the selected entries will then be presented in a compact and entertaining form. At the award ceremony, the makers will be awarded the Eyes & Ears Trophy. In addition, the industry association awards the Eyes & Ears special prizes for particularly impressive overall achievements.

Eyes & Ears Excellence Award

The highlight of the event will be the presentation of the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award. Since 1998, this award has been presented for outstanding contributions to the design and reflection of audiovisual communication. You can see the winners of this honorary award from previous years here:

Eyes & Ears of Europe
1998: Oliviero Toscani
Eyes & Ears of Europe
1999: Roman Kuhn
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2000: Martin Lambie-Nairn
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2001: Sky du Mont
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2002: Hermann Vaske
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2003: Peter Lamont
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2004: Anton Corbijn
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2005: Peter Weibel
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2006: Manfred Becker
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2007: Robert Wilson
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2008: Yello - Dieter Meier & Boris Blank
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2009: Florian Wieder
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2010: Michel Comte
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2012: Volker Weicker
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2013: Nico Hofmann
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2014: Kyle Cooper
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2015: Michael Conrad
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2016: Dale Herigstad
Eyes & Ears of Europe
2017: Erik Spiekermann

The Eyes & Ears Awards Show presents audiovisual highlights and current trends from the fields of design, promotion and marketing in a compact and entertaining form. At the same time, the show offers an unmistakable source of inspiration for one's own work.

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe

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