New name, new colour – UnitedSenses rebrands the sports channel "blue Sport"

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

For 30 years, red was the colour of Swiss pay-TV provider Teleclub. After the fusion with Swisscom and its entertainment platform "blue", the Munich-based creative agency UnitedSenses re-branded the successful sports channel as "blue Sport".

Not only is blue the name of the new home of all blue Entertainment's sports programmes, blue is also the colour that characterises the new look of blue Sport. For this, UnitedSenses uses the combination of shadows with blue light to create strong contrasts. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe

No athletes? No problem!

Since large studio shoots with many people were not possible due to the current Corona pandemic, the Munich-based company created magical sports moments in a different way: With the help of 3D Motion Capture, they created silhouettes of athletes sprinting, sliding and kicking through the blue sports world. Individual formats like the UEFA Champions League were also clearly separated from each other by coloured light accents.