Still not in the Christmas mood? SUPER RTL has the answer with its "Jetzt ist aber mal Weihnachten" (Now it's finally Christmas) campaign

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday evening romantic Christmas movies in their German premiere – only on SUPER RTL.

Getting into the right mood for Christmas is a real challenge for many people in such a special year as 2020. Starting on November 14, SUPER RTL has been bringing Christmas right into their viewers' homes on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings with more than 20 films – most of them in their German premiere.

As with the "Jetzt ist aber Feierabend" (Now work is finally over) campaign, SUPER RTL's aim with "Jetzt ist aber Weihnachten" (Now it's finally Christmas) is to give viewers a feeling of peace and a break from their hectic everyday lives, especially during the Christmas season. Every evening, SUPER RTL's Primetime offers relaxing, high-level entertainment – plus a chance to win something.

Watch movies interactively with the SUPER RTL Christmas movie calendar.

In addition to romantic Christmas movies, SUPER RTL has an interactive Christmas movie calendar. At superrtl.de, viewers can answer a question about the latest Christmas movie and win a SUPER RTL Primetime cuddly package.

For more information, visit superrtl.de.