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'Guardians of Heritage - Hüter der Geschichte' - HISTORY produces 360° campaign

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On November26,2017 at 9.50 p. m., pay-TV channel HISTORY will premiere the self-produced,three-part documentary' Guardians of Heritage - Hüter der Geschichte'. Theseries deals with the explosive topic of cultural destruction and explores thequestion of how people can preserve their cultural identity. For this worldpremiere, HISTORY has produced a 360° campaign, which is on-air, off-air,online, out-of-home and placed on social media channels.

The task forHISTORY was to develop an integrated campaign that is highly recognizable andreaches viewers on all channels. Even if German actors support the documentary'Guardians of Heritage - Hüter der Geschichte' as ambassadors, it should not bethem, but the Guardians of History - people committed to the protection ofculture worldwide.

The idea for thecampaign came from an experience during the filming of the documentary:"We met Syrian children in the refugee camp Zaatari/Jordan, who were bornthere and know their Syrian homeland only from stories. Because of war anddestruction, they are completely cut off from their cultural roots just a fewkilometres beyond the Syrian border," says Florian Kemeter, SeniorMarketing Manager, A+E Networks. The idea for the campaign key visual was bornfrom this: a crumbling foundation on which a young person stands symbolisescultural heritage and identity. If it breaks, man falls into the bottomlessworld, without any roots.

The challenge inimplementing the campaign was to explain the theme: Why is it so important forall of us when our cultural heritage is in danger in various places around theworld? "We try to solve this problem, for example, with drone and factualvideos on specific locations, which we have produced in the appropriate formatfor online and social media channels. Or through web videos with Dr. SaschaPriester, lecturer at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and formereditor-in-chief at P.M. History. He answers questions in a well-founded andentertaining way, such as: "Where does the term culture come from? What iscultural heritage? What do we do to people with the destruction ofculture?", comments Kemeter.

The campaign wasimplemented in-house with the support of external agencies:

HISTORY: FlorianKemeter, Senior Marketing Manager, A+E Networks

Print motif:Weeks

Website: MOKOM01

Digitaladvertising media: brainagency

Furtherinformation on 'Guardians of Heritage' can be found at www.history.de/guardians

Trailer on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdTNTpX3p9k

UMBRUCH with new website

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The Munich-basedcreative agency for corporate motion and interactive design UMBRUCH hasrecently launched a new website.

The aim was topresent selected projects in an expressive and contemporary way. That's whyUMBRUCH decided to go for a responsive site - based on html 5/CSS3, Bootstrap,jQuery and Wordpress CMS. The website focuses on the individual projects, whichare staged with striking visuals and moving images. "The most importantcontent is placed on a OnePager. It is clear, simple and quick to grasp",says Ralf Strohmeier, Brand Director at UMBRUCH. The design and programming weredone by UMBRUCH themselves.

Furtherinformation on www.umbruch.tv

'CHECK 24 Doppelpass' broadcasts from new studio

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© SPORT1 | Getty Images | Sebastian Widmann beachten.

Since thebeginning of November 2017, the successful SPORT1 format 'Der CHECK24Doppelpass' has been broadcast from a new studio at Munich Airport.

The new studioat the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel offers an impressive atmosphere withextended media staging areas with a total of six monitors and a large videoscreen. On the screens - including four of them installed in a circulararrangement directly above the panel discussion - the Bundesliga highlights inparticular will be integrated much more succinctly. The focus of the new setdesign is on the discussion round with moderator Thomas Helmer. Due to the highdemand for tickets for Germany's most famous football talk on Sunday, theseating capacity in the lobby of the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel was alsoincreased. The' Doppelpass' - a typical bright and open look with up to17-metre-high Californian palms as an eye-catcher - was retained when the newset was implemented.

"The soulof the 'Doppelpass' with its atmosphere is naturally preserved: the focus is onthe competent, emotional and entertaining discussion with the protagonists ofGerman football, to whom we are now offering an even more attractive stage.Studio viewers also have an even better view of their Doppelpass", saysDirc Seemann, editor-in-chief and Director Content at SPORT1.

The 'CHECK24Doppelpass' has fascinated the fans since 1995: From 11 a. m. to 1 p. m. thefootball nation meets on Sundays with presenter Thomas Helmer, the expertsThomas Strunz, Armin Veh and Marcel Reif, star guests from the Bundesliga andrenowned sports journalists.

Furtherinformation on 'The CHECK24 Doppelpass' can be found at http://sport1media.de/formate/der-check24-doppelpass/

Best Short Film Wanted - 13th Street Shocking Short Award 2018

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By 31 January2018, young filmmakers will be able to submit their short films for the 13thStreet Shocking Short Award.

In the summer ofnext year, 13th Street will award the renowned short film prize to a youngdirector for the 19th time. The winner of the first Shocking Shorts Award in2000 was today's Oscar-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. With thiscompetition, the pay-TV channel for Thrill & Crime enables the winner toparticipate in the Universal Filmmasters Programme. Here, the winner canacquire know-how and international experience at Universal Studios inHollywood. In addition, the award-winning film and the finalists will also befeatured on 13th Street's primetime TV programme.

The short filmhas to be in the genres of action, crime fiction, thriller, mystery or horror.The short film must be German-language, not older than two years and no longerthan 30 minutes.

Furtherinformation and registration forms at http://www.13thstreet.de/news/13th-street-shocking-short-teilnahme

Exhibition tip:' Robert Frank'

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© Robert Frank, Sammlung Fotostiftung Schweiz, Schenkung des Künstlers

Until 21 January 2018, the Albertina in Vienna is showing the exhibition 'Robert Frank'.

The Americans, a group of photos shot by Robert Frank between 1955 and 1957, made photographic history: these works, which Frank took on a series of road trips through the United States, illuminate the post-war “American way of life” in grim black and white, revealing a reality of pervasive racism, violence, and consumer culture. Due to his images’ failure to uphold America’s self-image at the time, it was at first only possible to publish the synonymous book in Europe. But with The Americans, Robert Frank did ultimately succeed in creating one of the most influential photographic works of the post-war period while also effecting a sustained renewal of street photography.

The Albertina, in its exhibition, is showing selected groups of works that make it possible to retrace Robert Frank’s development as an artist: from his early travel photos to The Americans and on to his introspective late oeuvre, central aspects of his work are placed front and centre.

At the same time, the Austrian Film Museum will be showing a comprehensive retrospective of Robert Frank's filmic work until 27 November: https://www.filmmuseum.at/jart/prj3/filmmuseum/main.jart?rel=de&content-id=1216720898687&schienen_id=150575733526068

'Robert Frank' until 21 January 2018 at Albertina Albertinaplatz 1,1010 Vienna. Opening hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 9 pm. Further information at http://www.albertina.at/robert_frank