Book Tip: The Brand Gap

by eyes&ears

In "The Brand Gap," Marty Neumeier presents a revolutionary perspective on brand building that bridges the gap between strategic thinking and creative execution. As the first book of its kind to offer a comprehensive theory of brand building, it charts the path to a "charismatic brand" – one that becomes indispensable to customers. Neumeier, recognized as an authority on branding, design, and creativity, infuses his years of experience and insights into a compact, two-hour read that is both entertaining and informative.

The book emphasizes the necessity for a realignment of brands and guides readers through the five essential disciplines of brand building. These range from changing the dynamics of competition to the crucial role of design in customer experience. It particularly underscores the importance of collaboration within a company for brand building and how brand concepts can be efficiently tested. Neumeier argues that managing a brand from the inside out is essential for its success.

"The Brand Gap" is not merely a theory; it is a practical guide that demonstrates how strategic and creative approaches can be combined to create a strong brand. With over three million views of his presentation on the subject, Neumeier has had a significant impact on the world of branding and creativity. "The Brand Gap" is therefore essential reading for anyone working in branding or seeking a deeper understanding of the power of a well-built brand.

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