Help Ukraine Creatives

So many creative talented people have left their country and are trying to start a new life - at least temporarily - in other parts of Europe. Others have fled to safer areas and are trying to support their country from within. This is a strong workforce - without work or purpose.

Asylum does offer a degree of protection and material security, but many creatives, agency employees and media professionals simply need jobs/projects. They want to work. They want to support their own media, their own agency, the Ukrainian media landscape/economy and their state with their performance and taxes. They have stressed this many times when we asked them.

We have to support not only independent democratic journalism of Ukrainian origin but also creative service providers in order to save the media industry in Ukraine.

We must give people jobs for which they are qualified. Only then can they continue to contribute to creating media products that objectively inform the Ukrainian as well as the global audience about this criminal war.

These creatives need projects so that they can stay in their profession and return to Ukraine when the war is over and it is time to rebuild. Our colleagues don't want donations, they want to be able to do their job.

We as an association want to call on our whole industry to give projects to Ukraine. We want to create a network and give our Ukrainian contacts, because that helps the most now.

Please check if you also have projects that you can do together with a Ukrainian agency or a Ukrainian freelancer. This way we can provide useful support. We are happy to act as intermediaries.

Please simply contact us at We are collecting project proposals, cooperation ideas, job ads, and anything else that can help. 

Your board and team of Eyes & Ears of Europe

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Media Groups, Agencies & Freelancers

This is a list of Ukrainian Agencies & Freelancers that have asked us for help. Please take a look at their work, their projects and think about what we can do for them.

Starlight Media

Starlight Media is the largest TV media-group in Ukraine, managing 3 national TV networks.

"We are an experienced marketing and creative team (150+ staff) specialized in creation, promo and design of video content.

We have a deep expertise in the following areas:

  • TV Industry
  • Content Industry
  • Advertising

We specialize in:

  • Motion Design
    Branding, Animation, Post-production, VFX, 3D modeling
  • Video Editing
    Promo, Teasers, Trailers, Ripomatics, Commercials
  • Content Production
    Digital content, Branded content, Social responsibility projects
  • Audio Production
    Sound design

Contact us:"


"Today we are appealing to you with a favor for help.

As of February 24th, 2022, Russia meanly invaded Ukraine. Russian forces continuously destroy the Ukrainian economy and infrastructure, kill civilians and deprive millions of Ukrainians of their homes, as well as of their normal life.

Being a Ukrainian agency and dealing mostly with Ukrainian businesses we have lost almost all contracts, as well as agency livelihood.

Since the very beginning of the war, we proceeded with developing a wide range of communicational materials to support the spirit of Ukrainians and spread worldwide the truth about the war.

We are not looking for donations or charity, but we are looking for real working projects. We made sure that our team is safe and settled and we are ready to start working.

Our goal is to save the team of 80 creative professionals as well as to help the Ukrainian economy by paying taxes, salaries, etc.

We are great in qualitative communication, design, and content. We do brand strategies and brand books from scratch.

Moreover, recently we have opened the social media department where we were taking care of Netflix accounts and UX/UI and digital department which is taking care of the websites and application development.

Below is the link to our portfolio with recent projects:

We would be very grateful if you could share with us some projects and we could make it together. As it seems like a good way to help Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian economy.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss a potential collaboration."

Blue Carrot

"Being founded in Ukraine in 2014, Blue Carrot is proud of foreign clients who continue/start doing business with Ukrainian teams during these historic days.

Ukraine has one of the leading IT and Computer Graphics industries in the world, which serves as a key pillar of Ukraine’s economy and resistance. To support our country in every possible way we continue working in order to fuel the national economy with currency and provide working places. You can help Ukraine by working with local service providers. I personally have a network of verified programmers, designers, VR/AR specialists, performance marketers, video productions and others, and I would be happy to make an introduction.

As for Blue Carrot, nowadays our producers and artists work remotely from Ukraine, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Armenia, and other countries. Most of our Ukrainian team is located in the very west of the country - in the city of Lviv. Today we keep delivering projects and are taking new ones.

That said, on behalf of our team and Ukrainians, I would like to thank all the citizens and governments that support us. That means so much for us during these challenging days. Be sure, we are doing and will do our best to kick russian terrorists out of our motherland and stop their European invasion."

Get in touch at


"Linnikov is an international branding agency. We implemented over 150 brands worldwide, in more than 60 countries of the world.

We will help you with positioning and visualize the values of your brand for your target audience.
Branding for a coffee house or filling business, developing packaging for products or creating a complex functional website etc. It doesn’t matter what! The most important thing is to create properly!"

Contact them at

Serhii Syrytsia

"I was working in many fields where motion design is needed. Television, Productions, IT, Marketing Agencies, and also i've done many projects as freelancer. Last time we were working together with Vadim Revin as a partners. I can consider almost any country in EU."

Contact Serhii at


These creative campaigns are actively helping Ukraine. Consider it as inspiration or support them yourself.

SuperRare Labs: NFTs for Ukraine

"Like millions of people around the world watching the brutal war unfold in Ukraine, the SuperRare community is moved to support the Ukrainian people in their struggle. A selection of artists have harnessed their diverse creative talents to raise funds for Ukraine.

SuperRare Labs is separately contributing directly to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through organizations that are providing critical support on the ground. We encourage our community to donate directly to any aid relief efforts through intergovernmental organizations and nonprofit organizations."

Buy the NFTs at

Eyes & Ears of Europe

CitizenBrick Chicago

In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, Citizen Brick decided to raise donations to help Ukrainian refugees.

During the sale , shoppers had the chance to purchase these two custom items - the Molotov Cocktail ($10), and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy minifig ($100). 145K were raised for Aid to Ukraine. The figures are now sold out, but CitizenBricks urges to donate directly to

Eyes & Ears of Europe

VODKA ZELENSKY #drinkforpeace

Vodka Zelensky was founded by a group of people committed to peace to help Ukraine and Ukrainians. 100% of the company's profits will be donated to support Ukrainians in need until 2026. As an emergency aid, 10,- EUR per bottle sold will be donated directly to selected aid organisations in Ukraine. 

Buy now at

Eyes & Ears of Europe

"Propaganda" by Missing Poem

With the net proceeds from "Proganda", the pop song with a catchy tune, Missing Poem wants to support Unicef and thus the refugees from Ukraine! Every stream and every purchase counts! Listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube.

Job Sites

These platforms have made it their mission to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to find jobs. Companies are also urged to participate and publish their vacancies there.


" – a platform connecting Ukrainian friends with the EU creative industry.

As the unspeakable tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolds, we believe it’s time for the European advertising community to come forward and help our Ukrainian friends in any way it can.

That’s why we are launching – a platform connecting Ukrainian advertising professionals with employers from other European countries.

Whether you are an ad agency, a media agency, a production company, or a client, lets you post any job vacancies you may have – on-site or remote."

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Hire Ukrainians Affected By War

The attack on Ukraine has left thousands of talented creative and technical professionals without jobs or income. You can help them by hiring them. There are currently over 2,000 active profiles on the website.

Eyes & Ears of Europe


UA talents is a job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine. On UA Talents, companies from all over Europe can advertise their job openings to people from Ukraine who have lost their employment due to the war.

Eyes & Ears of Europe


є-Креатив, or e-Creative in English, is a not for profit collaboration by creatives, for creatives translating to “there is creative work”. The war in Ukraine is having horrific consequences, including the end to local demand for creative work.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Ukrainians Abroad

Job Impulse launched this website with the aim to give Ukrainian refugees a piece of home in Europe. With our daily work as a personnel provider and our European network to many companies, we want to help Ukrainian refugees to find the right job quickly and easily. We also support with coordination and new start preparation. We are looking forward getting to know and working with many other companies.  We want to join together to offer refugees a piece of home in the form of work, resource introduction, language courses, or child care.

Eyes & Ears of Europe – The job portal for culture, film and media supports culture, film and media professionals who have been displaced in their search for jobs and integration

Representatives from the fields of culture, film and television as well as the media industry, together with Jobnet.AG and at the initiative of trade unions and employers' associations, have founded a network to help refugees from Ukraine and other countries find employment with a job portal.

Other services are also integrated into it: For example, a joint social network and an online academy that offers, among other things, a basic German course and online job application training in German-Ukrainian and other languages.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Residence Programmes

These programmes offer jobs, residency or educational opportunities for students.

Support for Ukrainian artists in Stuttgart

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart provides from now on free workplaces for artists from Ukraine, who fled from the war and are now based in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. In addition, the artists will receive a monthly 500,- Euro grant. Please send inquiries to

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Emergency Resideny Programme for Performing Artists from Ukraine in Munich

Munich artist Anna Konjetzky, who has been associated with SPIELART for many years, and the Playground team need support: 

In response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Playground team has initiated an emergency residency programme for performing artists from Ukraine in Munich. The aim is to organise accommodation and financial support, as well as exchange and work opportunities for at least one month, but longer if possible. If you have a spare room or flat and can accommodate someone or want to help in some other way - please get in touch! Those who can support financially: please donate. This will make it possible to expand the programme. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe


A multi-disciplinary program for architects, visual artists, musicians and writers.

Now, in the age of globalization and in the face of today’s fast-past-paced cultural knowledge transfer, it is more important than ever to strive for a cross-cultural dialogue based on tolerance and mutual respect. In order to promote international exchange, the federal state of Lower Austria has initiated an artist-in-residence program, for which it has set up five studio apartments and a large common room within the Kunstmeile Krems. The studio apartments, which have housed artists from many different countries, serve as temporary living and working spaces and provide the opportunity for both international and interdisciplinary exchange.

In order to ensure diversity and a multidisciplinary exchange, the program will award its scholarships to artists from the fields of visual arts, literature, architecture and music.

Essential for this Program is to promote partnerships with international institutions that award artist scholarships and provide studios to visiting artists should give artists from Lower Austria the opportunities for living and working abroad.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Free Auditing for refugees at HfK Bremen

Due to the war in Ukraine, HfK Bremen offers free auditing with guest student status to refugees or individuals at risk. Students in the advanced semesters who wish to continue their regular studies at HfK Bremen as transfers will be able to enrol at HfK Bremen upon individual assessment of our available capacities.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Should you have any other resources that could help creatives in and from Ukraine,
please let us know.

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