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'Summer of Fish 'n' Chips' – ARTE with very British programme design

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Since past Friday, 14 July, ARTE's summer programme has been on the air. This year is all about 'The Summer of Fish 'n' Chips': on six weekends ARTE celebrates and honours six decades of British pop culture.

The title 'Summer of Fish 'n' Chips' is tounge-in-cheek and deliberately stands out from current political discussions. It stands for the small pleasures of a traveler on an idiosyncratic island where the cars drive on the left side of the road. The 'Summer of…' is presented by none other than the man who, as the frontman of the Sex Pistols, invented punk 40 years ago and ensured Anarchy in the UK: John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten.

The design for the programme is different from the usual programme design. Cécile Chavepayre, Artisit Director of ARTE, summarises the design brief. "We wanted to avoid the connection between the 'Summer of Fish 'n' Chips' and greasy paper. For us it was important that they see the programme as a luxury brand. And of course, just like with Fish 'n' Chips, they should think of British pop culture." Arte and the Parisian designer Sylvia Tournerie quickly agreed that the British flag is one of the most beautiful and famous in the world. Therefore, it offers a template for the programme design. The designer Sylvia Tournerie deconstructs the Union jack, reassembles it, forms cubes in which the indivual programme contents are embedded as footage or typography. At the same time, the respective programmes are branded with the Union Jack à la ARTE. In addition, the typical colors of the Union Jack are used in a charming and striking manner in the on- and off-air promotion.

Further information about the 'Summer of Fish 'n' Chips at http://summer.arte.tv

Brand relaunch – simply NITRO

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RTL NITRO hasbeen on the air for five years and has since established itself as an independentchannel brand. Time to stand on their own feet. As of 31 July 2017, RTL NITROwill be call simply NITRO and presents a new logo as well as programme design.The new look can first be seen in the '100% Bundesliga' campaign. "In theearly years, we very much benefited from the radiance of the RTL brand. Now weare taking the next step and want to express a new self-image," saysOliver Schablitzi, Head of NITRO.

Visually,NITRO. will be reduced in the future. "This also has to do with a clearerpositioning that we are striving for, but at the same time we want to express anew focus on live television, faces and real life in the future. In the future,our advertising campaigns will no longer be graphical, but will show ourmoderators and other people. Familiar things will remain, such as the formativegreen and our sound logo, which continues in a modified form", says HolgerSum, Head of Marketing.

Teambehind the campaign ' 100% Bundesliga':

Art Director TV:Ilona Hellmiss, Art Director PRINT/ONLINE: Susanne Siewe, VFX-Design andNItrie-Design: Hamish Hutchison, Sound-Design: Arne Thomas; CreativeDirection/Head of Marketing: Holger Sum; Brand Management: Robin Poell; ProjectManagement: Christian Rühl

Furtherinformation at http://www.rtlnitro.de

HISTORY rebranding - new global on-air and off-air design

At the end of June 2017, HISTORY Germanyimplemented a new global on-air and off-air design.

The rebranding, which is based on a newtypography and an updated graphic environment for the tried and tested HISTORYlogo, includes online and offline, as well as out-of-home advertising. Inaddition, the new branding is accompanied by a comprehensive and simultaneousrelaunch of the channel website history.de.

Filmstyler Pictures at new location

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Filmstyler Pictures has moved. The new rooms ofthe classic film production can now be found at Günthersburgallee 19, 60316Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The owner-run agency produces commercials,trailers, station ID's as well as station designs. Filmstyler Pictures'customers include RTL, SRF, WDR, ZDF and KI.KA. Frank Schneider is the managingdirector and creative head of the agency. In addition to his work as director,he also works as a lecturer at the Fachhochschule in Mainz, Texterschmiede inHamburg, the University of Darmstadt and for various Eyes & Ears Academies.

More information about Filmstyler Pictures at http://www.filmstyler.de/

Exhibition tip: TOUCHED – TEMPTED. Advertising Campaigns that Made History

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© Deutsche Post AG/Ully Arndt

Until 27 August 2017, the Museum for Communication inBerlin is showing the exhibition 'TOUCHED – TEMPTED. Advertising Campaigns thatMade History'

We want to “just do it”, “think different” and embrace“Vorsprung durch Technik”, and we’re “loving it”. Some brand slogans and imagesbecome inscribed in our collective memory, while others simply slide intooblivion. This exhibition takes a fresh look at the most popular and successfulad campaigns from the post-war years to the present day. The show presentsfascinating insights into advertising in Germany during the post-war years of adivided West and East Germany.

Over350 posters, adverts, objects, film clips and interviews give a vibrant senseof the zeitgeist in the different eras, and highlight how society, politics andculture influence advertising – and vice versa. The exhibition also looksbehind the scenes of advertising, revealing the plans and strategies ofmarketing decision-makers.

'TOUCHED – TEMPTED. Advertising Campaigns that MadeHistory' until 27 August 2017 at the Museum for Communication in Berlin,Leipziger Straße 16, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Germany. bis zum 27. August 2017 im Museum für KommunikationBerlin, Leipziger Straße 16, 10117 Berlin-Mitte. Openinghours: Tuesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday,Sunday and public holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on Mondays. Furtherinformation at http://www.mfk-berlin.de/en/tocuhed-tempted-advertising-campaigns-that-made-history/

Book recommendation: Praxisbuch Trendmarketing

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How do companies recognize trends? How can companiesanalyze whether specific trends are relevant to them? And how can companiesadapt trends for themselves?

The two authors Veronika Bellone and Thomas Matla showin their publication 'Praxisbuch Trendmarketing: Innovationskreislauf undMarketing-Mix für KMU' how small and medium-sized companies can develop andimplement innovations. They provide new tools and instructions for workflowssuch as the innovative cycle of trend marketing, rapid prototyping, agilemanagement and a new 13 P marketing mix. Exemplary innovation implementationsare visualized using blueprints.

The German 367-page publication 'PraxisbuchTrendmarketing' has been published by Campus Verlag and is available for €49.95.More information at http://www.campus.de/buecher-campus-verlag/business/marketing-verkauf/praxisbuch_trendmarketing-10859.html