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Turner repositions Children & Family ChannelBoomerang

Turner Broadcasting System has recentlyrepositioned the children and family channel Boomerang. Worldwide, the stationreceived a rebranding, which was produced by the design studio ART & GRAFT.In addition, the entire program was revised. The focus now lies on timelesscult cartoons like 'Tom and Jerry', the 'Looney Tunes' and 'Scooby-Doo' andmodern animation series for the whole family.

"With the restart of Boomerang as a secondflagship children's channel by Turnerwe put the worldwide appeal of the channelto the test," says Gerhard Zeiler, President of Turner BroadcastingInternational. "We are proud that the channel gets a makeover with thisdevelopment, which stands for the quality and timeliness of its contents. Thisis a crucial step in our strategy to build on the success of our internationalchildren's program."

Watch the design reel at http://artandgraft.com/portfolio/boomerang-rebrand

AMD Academy Fashion & Design islooking for young design talents

Under the motto "BOCK AUF DESIGN!"("WANT TO DESIGN!") the AMD Academy Fashion & Design is lookingfor the best young design talent of the year. The competition is open tostudents and those interested no older than 20 years, who shoot a stop-motionvideo with their smartphone. The first prize is the digital camera Canon EOS600D SLR. In addition, the winner gets to take part in a creative workshop.Deadline for the submission of films is 15 May 2015.

To participate in the creative competition priorregistration at www.bockaufdesign.com is necessary. After registering,participants will receive a smartphone box by mail: This includes a tripod tobuild yourself, contain different materials such as polymer clay, wooden toolsand letters as well as all other information about the competition.

After the deadline, all submissions will be postedonline and those interested can vote for their favourties until 31 May. A juryfrom AMD Academy Fashion & Design will choose the 4 winners from 20finalists. They will each win an iPad Air2. In a further step, an expert jryselects the grand prize winner. He or she will be invited to the ceremony inJuly 2015 in Berlin. On the stage of the "Best Graduate Show" – thefashion show of the AMD during Berlin Fashion Week –the pricce will bepresented. The costs of travel and accommodation will be covered. Should thewinner be under 18, a parent will be invited along.

Further information at http://bockaufdesign.com/

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Book & Exhibition Tip


Companies such as Disney,MTV, CNN, Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Burger King were all founded intimes of recession. Why do firms take this risk? Becasue periods of uncertaintyand change have alawys been a perfect breeding ground for new opportunities. Inthese times, the cards are being re-shuffled. To be successful you need tofocus less on structure and stability, but on rapid adaptation. The ability tofilter information and to identify opportunities early on and take advantage ofthem will determine the success of a company in the future.

The recent publication'Zündstoff: 150 Strategien für Erfolg in chaotischen Zeiten' (Original title:'Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark innovation During Times of Change')provides starling insides with a refreshign sense of humour, fascinating casestudies and clever strategies. The author Jeremy Gutsche offers the tools tosupport innovations and develop products that are firmly anchored in the mindsof consumers.

The 272-page book withnumerous illustrations and images was published by the MIDAS Verlag and can bepurchased for €34,90. Further information at http://www.midas.ch/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=374 and http://www.betterandfaster.com/

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Jacqueline Casey Boston Visual Artists Union, 1973 © MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA

'SwissStyle: Internationale Grafik'

From 17 April until 26 July 2015 the Museum fürGestaltung Zurich – Schaudepot is showing the exhibition 'Swiss Style:International Graphic Design'.

Plain, functional graphic design is highlytopical. Amidst the visual opulence surrounding us today precisely condensedposters or the carefully composed systems of symbols used in airports seemspectacular. Back in the 1960s pioneering achievements of this kind formed the basisfor the international success of Swiss graphics. With founding fathers such asJosef Müller-Brockmann, Karl Gerstner or Armin Hofmann, reduced design underthe name “Swiss Style” developed into a movement that pointed the way to thefuture. Designers like Massimo Vignelli or Wim Crouwel established theminimalist aesthetic worldwide. The exhibition traces the successful spread of“Swiss Style” and confirms its relevance with contemporary works, for instancein the area of digital user interfaces or infographics.

'Swiss Style:InternationaleGraphic Design' from 17 April until 26 Juls 2015 at the the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich – Schaudepot, Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, CH-8005 Zurich.Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesdaysfrom 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., closed on Mondays. Further information at http://www.museum-gestaltung.ch/en/exhibitions/annual-program-2015/swiss-style/