Eyes & Ears eNews 02-2014

"Da ist etwas Geniales im Anzug" – VOX starts cross media campaign for 'Suits'

On 7 February 2014, VOX began showing the successful US TV show 'Suits' on Fridays at 9:15 p.m.

To accompany the start of the new series, VOX has launched an extensive marketing campaign. "In our VOX campaign for the new series highlight 'Suits', we focused on the particular style of the series. The series title determines the theme: 'Suits', but also the process. The stars of the legal drama present themselves in a stylish and eloquent fashion – and this is reflected in our comprehensive campaign", says Dirk Lüninghake, Marketing Manager at VOX. A nationwide poster campaign shows the two protagonists of the series in various poses and with differentslogans. The posters can be seen in German cities on City Light Boards, City Light posters and City Light columns. The motifs are also represented in national print publications.

The new legal drama 'Suits' is represented online with program references on target group-specific sites, in blogs and on different program apps. The audience can also look forward to an online event for the series with trailers, information about the series as well as a raffle at VOX.de. In addition to traditional media for the campaign, VOX is using additional channels: Freecards relating to the new, fascinating legal drama 'Suits' have been distributed at law schools and in high quality restaurants and trendy bars. And at dry cleaners, suit owners were made aware of the new legal series in style.

In addition, VOX has entered into a cooperation with the gentlemen's outfitters ANSON'S for the series and thus is breaking new ground in campaign design. In the five major German cities Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Nuremberg, ANSON'S display windows are decorated in proper 'Suits' design in accordance with the motto "Hier ist was geniales im Anzug" ("Here is something brilliant in a suit"). Inside the stores, shoppers can expect a theme area from the world of the series. "Our promotional activities with the men's outfitters ANSON'S provide an excellent platform for the new U.S. series and allow us to address the audience in a very different environment – so we are breaking new ground", said Lüninghake.

Further information at http://www.vox.de/medien/sendungen/suits-neue-anwaltsserie-vox/373f1-1b4b7b-bac2-25/etwas-geniales-im-anzug.html

Noise Refinery – West One Music Group starts new music label

Last Friday, the West One Music Group / First Works Music GmbH launched their new music label Noise Refinery. The music publisher from Munich wants to breathe new life into the music production landscape.

The new music label offers a mix of elegant, orchestral and cinematic music and trends in the areas of indie rock and electro. The award-winning composers Robert Anthony Navarro and Takeshi Furukawa are responsible for the creative direction. Noise Refinery is produced in Los Angeles.

"With Noise Refinery – written specifically for the promotional and advertising market – we complete our music portfolio and, in doing so, clearly differentiate Fired Earth Music as a trailer label", explains Patrick Niesler, General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland at First Works Music. "Especially in the nature of the compositions and the sound, many wishes and ideas from the German Promo Producer landscape have been incorporated. With the first six releases, we have tried to map out a range that will define Noise Refinery in the future – but on a new, extremely high level of which we are very proud. Moreover, we are constantly looking for new input", adds Niesler.

The first six albums are already available on the website of West One Music. Use is subject to the framework agreements among German, Austrian and Swiss broadcasters.

In addition to Noise Refinery, the music publisher produces five more Labels: West One Music, The Scoring House, Fired Earth Music, Refuel Music and Electronic Dance Series. West One Music Group was founded in 2002 by Tony Prior, Richard Harvey and Edwin Co. The music publisher has set itself the goal of creating production music of the highest quality.

Further information at hallo@westonemusicgroup.com and http://www.westonemusic.com/

Exhibition tip: 'Andreas H. Bitesnich. 25 Years of Photography'

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Giulia, 2012 © Andreas H. Bitesnich

From 27 February to 9 June 2014, the KUNST HAUS WIEN presents the exhibition 'Andreas H. Bitesnich. 25 Years of Photography '.

Star photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich, who celebrates his 50th birthday in 2014, is active in the nude, travel and portrait photography genres. During his 25-year career, he has managed to create his very own style. He caused a sensation with his nude photography – by taking a sculptural approach to the human body and with perfect light setting.

In his travel photography, Andreas H. Bitesnich created a milestone in the photographic exploration of other cultures with the book 'India'. He reflects upon the conventions and clichés of historical travel photography and, at the same time, works out a personal visual language of high intensity in this genre as well. And as a portraitist, Bitesnich has already had Anthony Quinn, Philip Glass, Reinhold Messner, Till Schweiger, Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Till Bronner and Pelé in front of his camera.

Developed in close collaboration with the photographer, the exhibition includes well-known works from 25 years of photography as well as others that have not previously been presented. In addition, a look behind the scenes is granted: For the first time, numerous documents are displayed illustrating the working process of Andres H. Bitesnich. Contact sheets and Polaroids, book dummies and documentary footage act as a kind of "making of" for the exhibition and the work of the photographer.

'Andreas H. Bitesnich. 25 Years of Photography' from 27 February to 9 June 2014 at the KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser, Untere Weissgerberstrasse 13, 1030 Vienna, Austria. Opening hours: every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Further information athttp://www.kunsthauswien.com/en/exhibitions/current

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Ingrid, Wien, 2002 © Andreas H. Bitesnich