EYES & EARS 2019: The Programme

18 November / Munich

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Eyes & Ears of Europe

"Whether eSports, AI, podcasts, the rebranding of our European neighbours, new technical possibilities in social media networks or the most successful streaming platforms today - the EYES & EARS 2019 will focus on topics that currently affect the industry. By picking up on current media developments and trends, our contributions offer participants inspiration, starting points for their own work and a firework of inspiring, creative ideas". 

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne


Marcus John Henry Brown

Performance Artist & Creative Mentor, München

Peter Hollstein

Senior Designer Superunion, London 

Anja Strnischa

Design & Project Lead ZDF Marketing/Team 3sat, Mainz

Benjamin Kerneck

Business Development & Operations BDA Creative, Munich

Yann Oléjarz

Artistic Director W9, Paris

Emmanuelle Lacaze

Producer Gédéon, Paris

Marco-Paul de Jeu
Strategy Director CapeRock, Amsterdam

Nil Günes
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Ben Turlach
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Sinan Sevinç
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Louisa Wolf
ESAD art + design, Matosinhos, Portugal

Beatrice Eichbauer

Brand Managerin, RTL-Markenteam Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Köln

André Wlodarczak

Marketing Manager Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Köln

Dr. Nico Becherer

Senior Computer Scientist Adobe, Hamburg 

Stefan Zant

Managing Director ProSiebenSat.1 Sports, Unterföhring

Sarah Liffers

Head of Channel Management TV NOW Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Köln

David Bailey
UX Principal, Visual Design & Branding BBC Design + Engineering, London

Barbara Simon

Creative Director & Brand Consultant, Munich

Brett Richards

Director/Founder Brokendoll, Stockholm



Keynote: The Passing (EN)

Marcus John Henry Brown, Performance Artist & Creative Mentor, München

"Pessimism gets you nowhere, optimism might get you through the day but I’m just hacking business minds with performance art in the hope that it will arm us for the future."


ESL Rebrand – Changing the Game in eSports, the World’s Fastest-Growing Industry (EN)

Peter Hollstein, Senior Designer Superunion, London 

With 350 million fans in over 200 countries, ESL is the number one name in esports, the industry that exploded in recent years. With audiences to rival Super Bowl, ESL evolved from a bedroom-and-internet café movement to stadiums around the world, attracting millions to the scale and thrill of the games.

Peter will share his experience of creating a cut-through identity for ESL that was constructed through the use of graphic elements of the iconic video games. Designed to lead the game, without sacrificing its underground spirit, built from hidden worlds that drew an infinitely diverse audience of fans and players closer to the brand.

3sat Rebrand: 4 Channels, 3 Countries, 1 Design (DE)

Anja Strnischa, Design & Project Lead ZDF Marketing/Team 3sat, Mainz Benjamin Kerneck, Business Development & Operations BDA Creative, Munich

In addition to programmes produced in-house, 3sat combines the most important cultural, scientific and social programmes from the three countries of the partner channels into one channel. This posed a great challenge for the design package - after all, 3sat has very little time to establish itself as a broadcaster within its current television programme, some of which is branded by a third party. BDA Creative developed the solution: a strong, fast identity that can adapt flexibly and dynamically to the diverse content of the various partners.

W9 Global Rebranding – Responding to the Ever-Changing Consumer Market with a New Branding Is One Thing. Putting It into Practice… That’s a Whole Other Story! (EN)

Yann Olejarz, Artistic Director W9, Paris

Emmanuelle Lacaze, Producer Gédéon, Paris

Jesus turning water into wine, Baron Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, Gédéon’s global redesign of the French channel W9… These are all ideas that spring to mind when considering challenging transformations throughout history… As a duo, Emmanuelle Lacaze, Président of Gédéon, together with Michel Nougué, Artistic Director of the M6 Group, will present how they went about W9’s global redesign, giving an insight into the thought processes of both agencies and clients alike. (Spoiler: This is not a mind-reading session!)

The main aim was to respond to the digital revolution and ever-changing consumer needs. In response to these challenges, a design was created that combined modularity and flexibility that allowed internal teams at W9 to reinvent their codes and formats to deliver a rhythmic, visual and dialoguing branding that continuously surprised viewers. This is all very well in theory, however, as will be explained, sometimes changing old habits can be a harder task than feeding the 5000!

From a House of Brands to a Branded House: The Redesign of the Corporate Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio of Finnish Media Entertainment Company Nelonen Media (EN)

Marco Paul de Jeu, Strategy Director CapeRock, Amsterdam

In this session we would like to share the insights, key steps and outcome of the change of the brand strategy of Nelonen Media from a House of Brands into a Branded House.

At the beginning of 2018 the brand strategy of Nelonen Media has been revised based on key insights from market and business research. Based on the revised brand strategy and as part of the redesign of the corporate brand architecture the main entertainment channel Nelonen has been redesigned last year. The redesign of the corporate brand architecture will be launched in full at the beginning of 2020.

Nelonen Media is the leading media entertainment company in Finland carrying a brand portfolio that consists of 1 corporate brand, 1 VOD brand, 4 Television Channels, 6 Radio Brands, 1 AOD brand and 13 Event brands.



SUMMER HOME FAIRY TALE: The Story of the First RTL Podcast

Beatrice Eichbauer, Brand Manager RTL Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Cologne

André Wlodarczak, Marketing Manager Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Cologne

Summer 2019: the 4th season of the RTL format "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" is about to begin. Preparations for the campaign are being made in Cologne. The team discusses the planned measures: Design, trailer, online advertising media... but this time there should be something different, something new....something never seen before at RTL... what happened then, Bea Eichbauer and André Wlodarczak tell in their lecture...

Of Dystop-, Utop- and Fantasies. Insights into the Development of Machine-Learning Based Tools in Creative Applications (EN)

Dr. Nico Becherer, Senior Computer Scientist Adobe, Hamburg 

Not even 10 years ago the terms artificial intelligence and machine learning were to be found mainly in research and science fiction literature. Today, on the other hand, one gets the impression that even the kettle can no longer do without a silica brain.

But how exactly do the algorithms work? What does a researcher or developer have to do to teach a computer to "think"? And is thinking the right term for this? The lecture by Dr. Nico Becherer uses practical examples and vivid explanations to show how artificial intelligence works, what advantages it offers us and why we don't have to fear the computer as a creative competitor in the foreseeable future.

Building an eSports Ecosystem - the Recipe for Success of ProSiebenSat.1 Sports in the eSports Market (EN)

Stefan Zant, Managing Director ProSiebenSat.1 Sports, Unterföhring

eSports is the fastest-growing segment in the Entertainment & Sports segment. The talk will give an insight into how ProSiebenSat.1 Sports as a traditional media company has successfully built up an eSports ecosystem in recent years. The focus will be on opportunities and challenges as well as an outlook on future activities.



Customer Centricity Is Key - How We Set up the Streaming Service TVnow (DE)

Sarah Liffers, Head of Channel Management TV NOW Media Group RTL Germany, Cologne

In December 2018, TVNOW, the streaming service of Mediengruppe RTL, was relaunched and the further development of the platform was consistently driven forward. Since then, TVNOW has become increasingly customer-centric and the media group has learned a lot about its users. At the EYES & EARS, Sarah Liffers will shed light on what role marketing, content and products play in this and where opportunities and challenges lie. How do you succeed in finding a way to the customer and maintaining a customer relationship? How do we get customers to engage with us?

Further Together (EN)

David Bailey, UX Principal, Visual Design & Branding BBC Design + Engineering, London

David’s talk focusses on the BBC’s UX&D department and how their collaborative culture is influencing the digital transformation of this renowned public service broadcaster. 



Impactful. Innovative. Insightful. Inspirational. (EN)

Barbara Simon, Creative Director, München
Brett Richards, Director/Founder Brokendoll, Stockholm

It’s time to catch up on latest and greatest in branding, design, marketing, promotion and trends from around the globe in another action packed State of Our Art.

Further speakers & topics will follow shortly.

(EN): This presentation will be in English.

(DE): This presentation will be in German. Translation will be available.


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