Eyes & Ears Conference 2014

12.05. / Cologne

Where is my target group? How do I excite them?And how can I retain my target group? These are questions that mediaprofessionals deal with more and more. Therefore, the theme of the Eyes &Ears Conference 2014 is 'Capture Your Audience'. The conference is intended to broaden awarenessof new perspectives – regardless of medium.

Monday, 12 May 2014
Jochen Schropp 14.00


Jochen Schropp, TV host &actor



Zeljko Karajica, PresidentEyes & Ears of Europe, Unterföhring



Jürgen Roters, Mayor of theCity of Cologne



Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears ofEurope, Cologne

EYES & EARS Junior Highlights 2014

The Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights giveyoung talent a platform to showcase their innovative work. Practical,inspiring, and promising, they present their projects to an expert audience aspart of the European Conference for Design, Promotion and Marketing. Theindustry meeting offers them the opportunity to get to know those who arealways looking for young creative talent. At the same time, these young talentsgive long-time media professionals creative ideas for their own work.


Marcel Meyer, Directorfinally., Mainz

14.30 Neuland? – Corporate Design für den 7. Empfang der Filmhochschulen während der Berlinale 2014

Bennet Meyer, Iris Schwarz und Paul Brenner, Studenten der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg"

"The reception of the German film schools isan event organised exclusively by students. It offers young German filmmakersas well as students of film academies in Vienna and Zurich the opportunity topresent their projects and ideas. The theme of this year's reception is'Neuland' – a word that stands for further development and discovering newareas. We developed a complete corporate design for the event in line with thattheme. It includes logo, catalogue, timetable, billboards, light boxes, presswall, guidance system, postcards, wallpapers as well as the entire motiondesign. The corporate design is based on the pattern of a world map... "


..Schlicht– An atmospheric puzzle game for two players

Dominik Haas, Christian Schmidhalter & Don Schmocker, students atZürcher Hochschule der Künste

"'..Schlicht' is an atmospheric cooperative puzzle game. Twoplayers control a shadow and a light sphere. They have to interact withdifferent streams to finish one of the many colorful levels. Each player hasthe ability to directly influence the other. The game was developed during theGlobalGameJam 2014 in Zurich in the span of 48 hours."


Metaworlds – A bridge between interactive design& art

Christian Freitag &Paul Kirsten, graduates of the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy, Halle

"Metaworlds is not just a game, not abstractart, not an unapproachable installation. It is all that and much more. Here, asis often the case, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The main focusis on the generation of immersion – the user is presented with worlds intowhich he can descend and whose complete forms are not apparent at first. Amajor role is played by the observer himself, because only through his actionscan the Metaworlds keep moving and change their appearance. This is done by theSphero, a smart robot ball that can read its own rotation and transmit it tothe computer, where the data is processed and ultimately puts the world inmotion.

15.30 Break

EYES & EARS Keynotes 2014

Under the title Eyes& Ears Keynotes, both national, European and international industryplayers from TV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art andculture give insights into their projects and provide new perspectives. Byaddressing current media developments, trends and challenges, the speechesoffer inspiration and points of reference for the participants' own work.Therefore, the keynotes are an important contribution to the design andexamination of audiovisual communication.


WHAT’S YOUR STORY? – News is not a world apart

Emmanuelle Lacaze, Producer & Partner Gédéon, Paris

Bernard Bréchet, Creative Director & Partner Gédéon, Paris

Lieven Van Overbeke, Strategic Creative Director Gédéon & Senior Creative

Director Medialaan, Brussels

"News is not a world apart. We must think of news with the same logics we look at movies or series. In a world where the news consumption is changing rapidly, more than ever journalists have to be good storytellers. They are like directors or music conductors.They have to fully understand and handle all the tools, codes and rules of the story they wanna tell. And storytelling, means story in the full sense of the word. Based on a remarkable comparison between news and fiction, Gédéon will take you in a journey from writing, telling in or offscreen, directing, lighting, acting, set design…"


How the 'Always-On Society' lives, plays and works

Dietmar Dahmen, specialist for branding & marketing communication, Vienna

"Change happens in leaps – not in linear developments. We are in the middle of such a jump right now. What has changed for us?

The Mobile Revolution is over! We are all mobile. We all use data, leave data, are hyper-connected. Everybody can be reached and targeted everywhere. They even expect it.

This changes central behavior patterns in our lives. Everything is NOW ... no one has to wait any more. Real-time becomes 'before time'. We live PARALLEL in place and time.

Why does CONNECTVITY have such a big impact? We are HARD WIRED for CONNECTIVITY. As the magazine 'Scientfic American' puts it: Progress is not how smart ... but how connected you are!"


New Gatekeepers in the Living Room: Democratisation of the Entertainment Industry... Levelling the Field

Richard Kastelein, Entrepreneur, Writer, Publisher & Innovation Catalyst, Groningen

"In-depth, international look at European, US and global solutions and perspectives - such as the small screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops) are taking more eyeballs from the big screen during 30 second spots. How will the current TV value chain, underpinned by brand spot advertising based on archaic, legacy audience measurement systems stay relevant with new gatekeepers, smarter devices and software, and new consumer behaviour such as media stacking? Audience fragmentation is ramping up as we move to world of content pull from push and VoD becomes the norm rather than the exception and brands via agencies are finding it harder to find mas reach which is seriously disrupting the traditional value chain in the half a trillion a year global industry we call TV.

Kastelein brings statistics, market developments and case studies to augment his prediction that TV is about to radically change in the next few years - as both the print and music industries have radically morphed in the recent past."


The New Culture of Sharing

Prof. Peter Wippermann, Founder Trendbüro and Professor for communication design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen

"We live in an age of sharing. Starting with information, knowledge and data, the infrastructure of the internet has crept from the digital into our everyday life with its sharing philosophy. Access instead of ownership and collaboration instead of competition, technology as the basis for human relationships – the advantages of virtual values are transported to analogue in a creative conversion. The boundaries between digital and analogue are increasingly disappearing. Whether in technology, work environment, online culture or self-management, one thing is clear: Traditional well-known structures are outdated."

​EYES & EARS Creative Compilation 2014: Case Studies


diy.fm – 'do it yourself'-Radio

Dominik Born, Business Development Project Manager tpc, Zurich

"What would it look like if the internet industry had invented radio? With diy.fm, the Swiss broadcasting cooperation SRG SSR combined all the new possibilities offered by the internet in developing a tool that allows existing audio content to be rearranged in a kind of 'do-it-yourself' style – hence the name diy.fm"


Best Practice: Disney Channel Launch

Conny Roll-Oppitz, Head of Marketing Communications TV The Walt Disney Company, Munich

Ole Türck, Head of On Air The Walt Disney Company, Munich

"On 17 January of this year, The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH launched the Disney Channel on German Free TV. The presentation by Conny Roll-Oppitz and Ole Türck describes the positioning of the new Disney Channel, presents the new brand design and explains the strategy that accompanied the launch of the new channel. In addition to the presentation of different on- & off-air measures, they provide insight into the development and coordination processes of the internationally successful Walt Disney Company."

​19.45Get Together in the Wagenhalle of the Comedia


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