Eyes & Ears Conference 2014

​12.05 / Cologne

The programme started with the Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights, introduced by Marcel Meyer, managing director of the creative studio finally. in Mainz. Last year, Meyer himself presented his final thesis 'My Favourite Childhood Nightmares – Animated Photography' at the Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights 2013. This year, from all submissions, three projects were chosen by a professional jury.

Under the title 'Neuland? – Corporate Design for the 7th Reception of the German film schools during the Berlinale 2014', three students from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg – Iris Schwarz, Bennet Meyer and Paul Brenner – presented the corporate design of the event. Their central idea of abstract maps was implemented on all levels, from logo to catalogue, schedule, billboards, light boxes, press wall, guidance system, postcards, to screen backgrounds and the entire motion design.

Dominik Haas, Christian Schmidhalter and Don Schmocker from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste showed the audience how to produce a game for two players in 48 hours. In '..Schlicht – An atmospheric puzzle game for two players', the players control a shadow and a light ball. To reach the next level, players do not compete against one another, but play together against disturbances in the game.

Christian Freitag and Paul Kirsten, graduates of the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy in Halle, provided insight into their interactive project 'Metaworlds – A bridge between interactive design & art'. The users are presented worlds in which they can descend. Their complete form is not apparent at first glance. A major role is played by the observer himself, because only through his actions can the 'Metaworlds' keep moving and changing their appearance.

All participants of the Eyes & Ears Conference had the opportunity to select their favourite from the three finalists. The project 'Metaworlds' was awarded the Eyes & Ears Newcomer Award 2014, kindly supported by Adobe Systems.

Christian Freitag and Paul Kirsten will receive a 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. In addition, all three projects were awarded with the Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights Trophy.

For years, Eyes & Ears of Europe has stood for creative young talent and has offered them a platform to showcase their innovative work.


  • € 150,- Eyes & Ears members
  • € 50,- Eyes & Ears members / pupils, students, trainees who are personally members of EEofE or
    pupils, students, trainees of an institutional member of EEofE Europe
  • € 650,- non-members
  • € 100,- non-members / pupils, students, trainees


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