Cologne, 20.05.2014 – The Eyes & Ears Conferencewas held on Monday at the Comedia in Cologne. The European industry associationEyes & Ears of Europe had invited media professionals and other interestedparties to the event on the subject 'CAPTURE YOUR AUDIENCE.' Around 180participants from Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria,Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany came to discuss the key issues currentlyfacing the media industry – How do I find my target group? How do I capturetheir enthusiasm? And how do I retain them? The Eyes & Ears Conference washosted by Jochen Schropp.

The programme started with the Eyes & EarsJunior Highlights, introduced by Marcel Meyer, managing director ofthe creative studio finally. in Mainz. Last year, Meyer himself presented hisfinal thesis 'My Favourite Childhood Nightmares – Animated Photography' at theEyes & Ears Junior Highlights 2013. This year, from all submissions, threeprojects were chosen by a professional jury.

Under the title 'Neuland? –Corporate Design for the 7th Reception of the German film schools during theBerlinale 2014', three students from the Film AcademyBaden-Württemberg – Iris Schwarz, Bennet Meyer and Paul Brenner – presented thecorporate design of the event. Their central idea of abstract maps wasimplemented on all levels, from logo to catalogue, schedule, billboards, lightboxes, press wall, guidance system, postcards, to screen backgrounds and theentire motion design.

DominikHaas, Christian Schmidhalter and Don Schmocker from the Zürcher Hochschule derKünste showed the audience how to produce a game for two players in 48 hours.In '..Schlicht– An atmospheric puzzle game for two players', the players control ashadow and a light ball. To reach the next level, players do not compete againstone another, but play together against disturbances in the game.

Christian Freitag and PaulKirsten, graduates of the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy in Halle, provided insightinto their interactive project 'Metaworlds – A bridge between interactive design &art'. The users are presented worlds in which they can descend.Their complete form is not apparent at first glance. A major role is played bythe observer himself, because only through his actions can the 'Metaworlds'keep moving and changing their appearance.

All participants of the Eyes &Ears Conference had the opportunity to select their favourite from the threefinalists. The project 'Metaworlds' was awarded the Eyes & Ears NewcomerAward 2014, kindly supported by Adobe Systems.

Christian Freitag and PaulKirsten will receive a 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Inaddition, all three projects were awarded with the Eyes & Ears JuniorHighlights Trophy.

For years, Eyes & Ears ofEurope has stood for creative young talent and has offered them a platform toshowcase their innovative work.

The Eyes & Ears keynotes started off with Emmanuelle Lacaze, Bernard Brechet, Nicolas Famery andLieven Van Overbeke from the Parisian design and communications agency Gédéon.Under the title ‘What’s Your Story? – news is not a world apart’, theyshowed how news formats should be designed in order to be noticed by the vieweramongst today's enormous number of programmes. Of course, the central questionhere was: How do I get the viewer's attention? The French recommendation:Information programs should be designed like blockbusters. They used illustrativeexamples from current news formats to make their point.

Under the title 'How the Always-On Society lives, plays and works', Dietmar Dahmen, a specialist in branding and brandcommunication from Vienna, gave the audience insight into the history and thefuture of developments that are changing the world. He showed that developmenthappens in jumps and is not a linear process. In his opinion, we are currentlyin the middle of such a jump. Many companies do not make this jump – but whynot? Because instead of getting involved in this process, they think infamiliar patterns. Another challenge for companies is that developments aregetting faster. Here, keeping up with the changes is an important factor forsuccess.

In his keynote ‘New Gatekeepers in the Living Room: Democratisationof the Entertainment Industry... Levelling the Field‘, entrepreneur, writer, publisher and innovation catalyst RichardKastelein from Groningen explained how the TV market is changing. "TV iseverywhere," Katelein said at the beginning. The challenge for TVcompanies is to respond to new players in the market who produce more and moregood content. Thus, there is also more content that is no longer foundexclusively on the traditional TV screen, but on all platforms where audiovisualcontent plays a role.

Prof. Peter Wippermann, founderof Trendbüro and professor for communication design at the Folkwang Universityof the Arts, Essen gave a lecture with the title 'The New Culture of Sharing'.Using vivid examples from theInternet, Wippermann explained that we can only create new offerings when weunderstand the cultural shift to a sharing society. For Wippermann, thementality of sharing means access instead of ownership, collaboration insteadof competition and technology as the basis for human relationships.

In the last part of the event, the Eyes & Ears Case Studies, Dominic Born, businessdevelopment project manager at tpc in Zurich, introduced– The 'Do-it-Yourself'-Radio’. With, the Swiss public broadcaster is attempting to unite all thepossibilities of the Internet – such as retrieving certain content anywhere,anytime – in one tool. Thus, you can listen to individualized radio – 'do-it-yourself'style. "We are producing good content, but need to change our ways of thinking.The question that presents itself to us again and again is how broadcast can becombined with the Internet, so that beautiful 'children' are created,"said Born.

In the final presentation 'Best Practice: Disney Channel Launch', Conny Roll-Oppitz, head of marketing communicationsTV, and Ole Türck, head of on-air at The Walt Disney Channel in Munich, gaveinsight into the preparation, launch and development of the Disney Channel,which was launched on January 17, 2014 in German Free TV.

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes &Ears of Europe, sums up the event: "I am very pleased we had theopportunity to discuss the challenges arising from a change in mediaconsumption with important European players at this year's Eyes & EarsConference. We have created an important event in the media industry, whereinternational experts from different fields can exchange ideas andnetwork," says Kamphausen.

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Eyes & Ears of Europe is the association fordesign, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. For almost 20 years, theindustry association has been the professional communication platform for allthose involved with the strategic planning, creation, implementation andmanagement of audiovisual communication.

How to turn ordinary brands into strongbrands


Cologne, 13.05.2014 – The Eyes & Ears Conference was held yesterdayat the Comedia in Cologne. For the occasion, the European professionalassociation Eyes & Ears of Europe had invited media experts and theinterested public to discuss around the theme ‘CAPTURE YOUR AUDIENCE‘. Some 200guests from Belgium, France, Great-Britain, the Netherlands, Austria,Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany took part in discussions on the main issuescurrently facing the media industry – How do I find my target group? How do I capturetheir enthusiasm? And how do I retain them? The Eyes & Ears Conference wasmoderated by Jochen Schropp.

“How can today’s players play an important role in an increasinglyfragmented media world?“ With this question, Zeljko Karajica, chairman of Eyes& Ears of Europe, opened the conference. “I am convinced that this goal canonly be achieved with strong brands. In this case, it does not matter whichcommunication media are used in the future. Therefore, our challenge lies inour ability to make strong brands out of ordinary ones“, he added.

„TV producers andmarketers are increasingly faced with the challenge of staging on variousplatforms at the same time different stories which complete each other and forma whole. This is not only the case for new TV formats, but also applies to thefields of design, promotion and marketing“, said CorinnaKamphausen, CEO of Eyes & Ears of Europe. „I am really glad for theopportunity we had yesterday at the Eyes & Ears Conference to discuss withEuropean players the challenges resulting from changed patterns of mediaconsumption. The Eyes & Ears Conference has become a major event in themedia industry, and gives international experts from various disciplines thepossibility to exchange information and establish networks“, she added.

Speakers of theEyes & Ears Conference 2014:

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Cologne, 12 February 2014 –On 12May 2014, the Eyes & Ears Conference 2014 will take place at the Comedia inCologne. The theme of the creative conference organised by Eyes & Ears ofEurope is 'Capture Your Audience'.

"Where is my targetgroup? How do I excite them? And how can I retain my target group? These arequestions that media professionals deal with more and more. Therefore, thetheme of the Eyes & Ears Conference 2014 is 'Capture Your Audience'",says Corinna Kaphausen, CEO of Eyes & Ears of Europe. "The conferenceis intended to broaden awareness of new perspectives – regardless ofmedium."

The focus of the Eyes & Ears Conferencewill be current projects, trends and future prospects in the areas of design,promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. In addition to the JuniorHighlights, inspiring keynote speeches in the areas of TV, film, internet,mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture will be held by well-knownindustry players. For design, promotion and marketing professionals andnewcomers alike, the conference is a valuable trend indicator and ahigh-profile communication platform for European developments in theaudiovisual field. "The media are changing more rapidly and need to beprepared for new challenges. A platform like Eyes & Ears of Europe, thatgives media professionals from a wide range of fields the opportunity toexchange views on trends and future perspectives, is becoming increasingly moreimportant. The Eyes & Ears Conference, in particular, offers a sneakpreview of where the future might lead us", says Zeljko Karajica,President of Eyes & Ears of Europe.

The Eyes & Ears Conference consists of threeprogramme points:

Under the title Eyes & EarsKeynotes, both national, European and international industry players fromTV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture giveinsights into their projects and provide new perspectives. By addressingcurrent media developments, trends and challenges, the speeches offerinspiration and points of reference for the participants' own work. Therefore,the keynotes are an important contribution to the design and examination ofaudiovisual communication.

The Eyes & Ears JuniorHighlights give young talent a platform to showcase their innovative work.Practical, inspiring, and promising, they present their projects to an expertaudience as part of the European Conference for Design, Promotion andMarketing. The industry meeting offers them the opportunity to get to knowthose who are always looking for young creative talent. At the same time, theseyoung talents give long-time media professionals creative ideas for their ownwork.

Rounding out the conference will be the Eyes & Ears Creative Compilation – a feast for eyes and earsalike that leaves you wanting more.

The Eyes & Ears Conference 2014 will take place in cooperation withthe City of Cologne.

More information regarding the different parts of the event and thedetailed programme will be released at a later date.

For further information please contact:

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