19th International Eyes & Ears Awards

Eyes & Ears Special Prize 2017

TV 2 Denmark: All that we share

TV 2 Denmark: Allthat we share

This campaign is a strategicmasterpiece. It was produced to communicate the channel strategy "All ThatWe Share" for the Danish TV station TV2 in-house and externally. The spotsare about finding similarities rather than differences between people. Theyemphasise what connects people and thus works against stereotypes – inclusiveinstead of separating. This emotional message was well received in times whenxenophobia and hatred of people with different views boiled up again and again:The Viral has been shared millions of times around the world and became aconnecting factor in the digital world when viewers translated it into morethan thirty languages. People like Richard Branson, Justin Trudeau and EllenDeGeneres shared the spot and made it one of the most fascinating and mostshared clips of all time. The figures speak for themselves: +8 millioninteractions, +284 million unpaid insights and an estimated PR value of +95million dollars. Above all, however, the belief in the message "We havemore in common than what separates us" has risen by 27 percent. Emotionaland thought-provoking with a global impact!

Creative-Team: Lotte Køhler Lindegaard,Channel Controller TV 2 Denmark; JacobWeinreich, Chief Marketing Officer TV 2 Denmark; Vicky Wassmann Dahi, Chief Brand Officer TV 2 Denmark; Christopher Witzke, Campaign Manager TV2 Denmark; Robert Cerkez, CreativeDirector &Co. / NoA; Johan Køhler,Copywriter &Co. / NoA; Rune Petersen,Art Director &Co. / NoA; Anne Højby,Account Director&Co. / NoA; AsgerLeth, Director Moland Film Company