Successful EYES & EARS with the 21st International Eyes & Ears Awards

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

"Good morning children – welcome to your adulthood!", that's how Marcus John Henry Brown started his startling performance "The Passing" in front of the approximately 200 attendees of the second EYES & EARS which took place in the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft in Munich. Eyes & Ears CEO Corinna Kamphausen, Eyes & Ears Chairman Zeljko Karajica, Dr. Christof Prechtl, deputy CEO of vbw, and Susanne Mitterer, deputy leader competence team culture and creative industries of the city of Munich, welcomed the guests while BLM-CEO Dr. Thorsten Schmiege was present as well.

Host Jan Stecker with Dr. Christoph Prechtl, deputy CEO of vbw

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO of Eyes & Ears of Europe together with Susanne Mitterer, deputy leader competence team culture and creative industries of the city of Munich

Welcoming speech of Zeljko Karajica, Chairman of Eyes & Ears of Europe

Performance of Marcus John Henry Brown

Afterwards, presentations of different European designs followed: Gédéon's rebrand of the French channel W9, Cape Rock's rebrand of the Finnish channel Nelonen, Superunion's rebrand of ESL and BDA's rebrand of the German culture channel 3sat. 

Corinna Kamphausen with the international speakers

Furthermore, current case studies from TV, film, internet, mobile, games, events as well as art and culture were presented and discussed controversially. Channels and agencies gave insights into their projects as well as in current media trends and challenges and therefore briefed the creative people and marketer on the industry's daily struggles.

ProSieben's sports presenter Jan Stecker led through the programme

Numerous attendees at the EYES & EARS 2019

This year, Corinna Kamphausen, CEO of Eyes & Ears of Europe, was again very pleased: "Once again our event has shown that the European Eyes & Ears Family is growing larger and larger and that topics such as eSports, AI as well as podcasts and streaming platforms are no longer niche. Therefore, our EYES & EARS were once again a firework of creative ideas and their practical realisation with many networking opportunities."

This year, the Eyes & Ears New Talents once more provided a platform for graduates and trainee media designers to present their innovative work. The winner of this year's NEW TALENTS 2019 is Nil Günes, graduate of Zurich University of the Arts, with her project "Du bisch nöd allei". The New Talents 2019 were kindly supported by Adobe and Warner/Chappell Production Music.

New Talents Winner Nil Günes with Corinna Kamphausen, Eyes & Ears of Europe, Host Marc Lepetit and Michael Gamböck, Adobe

The different masterclasses were accepted enthusiastically as well: Markus Bledowski of framefloor showed how to make the postproduction of videos more efficient and how to leave room for creativity in the Adobe Masterclass. In the Typography Masterclass, Lukas Paltram of Dalton Maag showed the attendees methods to analyse fonts as well as how to draw letters themselves with a hands-on exercise.

With their presentation, "Impactful. Innovative. Insightful. Inspirational", Barbara Simon, Creative Director, and Brett Richards, Director/Founder of the Swedish agency Brokendoll, gave a unique overview of the best international spots as well as campaigns of the past year and by doing so completed the programme at the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft.

But the day was not over yet: In the evening, the best productions in Design, Digital, Promotion, Craft and Cross-Media Campaigns were shown and their creators awarded with a redesigned Eyes & Ears trophy at the International Eyes & Ears Awards-Show. Once again, the show offered a unique opportunity to gain impressions of trends, innovations and new perspectives.

Corinna Kamphausen and presenter Wolfram Kons

Trophies in a new design

Audience at the Eyes & Ears Awards-Show

The entertaining show that took place in the completely crowded Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor, was presented by Wolfram Kons in proven lightness. But this time he also had a special task: During the break, the "RTL Beer Break Bingo", he recreated the RTL cult show "Der Preis ist heiß". He presented the bingo game, in which real prizes – from a vacuum cleaner to a toaster to a television – could be won by lottery drum. Thereby, RTL caused a whimsical interruption. 

Beer Break Bingo of RTL

Another highlight of the Awards Show was the awarding of the Eyes & Ears Special Prizes to the ZDF Kulturspots, Superunion's Rebrand of BBC Two and Atresmedia's campaign for ANTENA 3 – News Vocation. Each laudatory speech was held by Barbara Simon, Vice-Chairman of Eyes & Ears of Europe.

Corinna Kamphausen with Peter Hollstein of special prize winner Superunion 

Winner of the 21st International Eyes & Ears Awards

Right after the Eyes & Ears Award ceremony, the EYES & EARS Party took place in the Cafe Cord. With drinks and good music the attendees of the EYES & EARS were able to round out the day in a great atmosphere, celebrate the winners, meet new contacts as well as catch up with long-time friends and colleagues and forge plans for new projects. We are already looking forward to the EYES & EARS 2020 with the 22nd International Eyes & Ears Awards!

After Award-Party at Cafe Cord

Winners of the 21st International Eyes & Ears Awards can be found here.

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