Quadrolux merges fiction and reality in a newly adjusted interview polemic

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

In January, SWR and the agency Quadrolux will be launching a new, innovative concept for "Zur Sache: Jetzt wird's ernst". The satirical commentary in the political magazine "Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz" now features an unusual interview situation: computer-generated animated characters interact with presenter Britta Krane in the studio.

The previously fully animated interview commentary, which Quadrolux has overseen for over 8 years now, uses satirical means to uncover hollow phrases and political stagings. Especially the characteristic comic figures serve as reinforcement for the exaggerated and satirizing portrayal, which is why they are retained, but from now on are transformed into a real setting. During the recording itself, the presenter initially interacts alone in the studio. The character is then animated into the studio setting afterwards. The timing of the dialogue is particularly important for the most authentic interview situation between a real presenter and a cartoon character, which is why Quadrolux works closely with the presenter and the dialogue editors. One of the biggest challenges was to explore new production methods and test technical processes and feasibility.

"The aforementioned technology and production processes have the potential to develop further. All this gives an idea of the dimensions and possibilities of the format. With further development of the technology, processes will be simplified in the future," says Marcus Stiehl-Bruch, CCO Quadrolux.

Further information can be found at https://www.quadrolux.com/portfolio/Zur-Sache-Jetzt-wirds-ernst