CapeRock creates umbrella brand for Deutsche Welle's environmental format "Eco"

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Deutsche Welle's environmental format, which was initially launched as "Eco@Africa", was joined by "Eco India" in autumn 2018. The newly designed "Eco Africa" was launched January 2019. The rebranding was created by the Amsterdam agency CapeRock under the art direction of Maria Regenspurger, Deutsche Welle.

The magazine "Eco Africa" has been produced since 2015 in collaboration with the Nigerian news channel Channels TV. The environmental programme is now expanding and produces Eco India with a local partner in India. Other formats are being developed for Latin America and Asia. Thus, the initial brand-positioning no longer fits and required further development.

Eco is a programme that features subjects such as sustainability, technology and social change. Initiatives and positive developments will inspire viewers through best practice examples to improve the world together. This optimism and belief in the changeability of the world are also reflected in the new design.

Individual elements derived from the logo interact with each other, move fluently and can playfully combine to form the logo. The round shapes and the Egyptienne font give the "Eco" brand an unmistakable and clear style. At the same time, the logo appears open and offers many possibilities for a playful approach to design. In combination with the significant colour code, a positive and radiant impression is created, which supports the content of the programme.

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe

Imagery and music were adapted to the regional target groups. This was also the challenge: to develop an international umbrella brand that could be adapted to different regions such as Africa, India, Latin America and Asia. CapeRock has developed a dynamic design toolkit with the ability to create locally relevant adaptations.

"Eco is human, vibrant and optimistic and motivates people from all across the world to take action. We created the new design and music to reflect this optimistic and energetic character of the show," says Marco-Paul de Jeu, founder and strategy director of CapeRock.

The show packages for Eco Africa and Eco India have already been published. The Eco Latinamerica and Eco Asia show packages will be released later this year.

Further information on http://caperock.tv/work/dw-eco or https://www.dw.com/de/eco-india-dw-kooperiert-erstmals-mit-f%C3%BChrendem-newsportal-in-indien/a-46105746

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