Book tip: "Graphic Design"

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The recently published book "Graphic Design" by Rosmarie Tissi gives an insight into the work of one of the few internationally known graphic artists of her time.

Rosmarie Tissi and Siegfried Odermatt founded the studio community Odermatt & Tissi (O&T) in Zurich in 1968. Throughout their lives, the two shared a creative space, but worked independently and each with their own handwriting on individual commissions. Rosmarie Tissi is one of the few graphic designers who made a name for herself in graphic design very early on.

"Her playful approach, combined with a penchant for bold color contrasts, for typeface and geometric forms, for assembly and disassembly, has lost nothing of its originality and freshness to this day," says Claudia Cattaneo in the foreword.

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Plakat, APG, 1995 / Rosmarie Tissi

For the first time, the publication "Graphic Design" sheds light on Rosmarie Tissi’s prolific oeuvre. Her main scope of activity focused on the creation of cultural posters, amongst others for theatre productions and serenade concerts in Zurich, as well as exhibitions and events. Moreover, during the past sixty years she has also done commercial art, designed banknotes and magazine covers as well as various well known fonts.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Her work has been exhibited and awarded many international prizes. She was awarded the Grand Prix Design in 2018.  

The publication "Graphic Design", comprising 120 pages and approx. 200 illustrations, has been published by Triest Verlag and is available at a price of €39. Further information can be found at https://www.triest-verlag.ch/en/produkte/buch-26/design-140/rosmarie-tissi-2901