ARTE: Summer of Freedom – Programme design for the thematic focus

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Between 5 July and 25 August 2019, ARTE will be broadcasting a summer programme focus again. This year's theme will be "Summer of Freedom": Every Friday and Sunday, ARTE will devote itself to the themes of freedom and self-fulfilment in pop culture with feature films, concerts and documentaries.

ARTE's summer focus on freedom will be examined from both an individual and a social perspective, since pop culture is a strong mouthpiece in the struggle for political, sexual and religious freedom. The "Summer of Freedom" – with highlights such as Easy Rider, Selma and Woodstock – will be presented by singer and activist Beth Ditto.

The design for this year's programme is literally dancing out of line. Cécile Chavepayre, art director at ARTE, sums up the design briefing: "Freedom is about almost everything in our lives, and at rather different scales: from Society, History, Art, Politics, Economics, Philosophy to Fashion, Make-up and wherever creation lies.... so, how can you represent such a notion, that is obvious yet ontologically hard to categorize?"

Paris based Graphic artist Sylvia Tournerie, who also designed "Summer of Scandals", "Summer of Fish 'n' Chips" and "Summer of Lovers", proposed a simple but effective concept: the letters of S u m m e r  o f  F r e e d o m are dancing! Cécile Chavepayre says: "We think that dancing is a clear manifestation of what freedom means...or in other terms: freedom could be summed up in seven words: move your ass, your brain will follow!"