"The working hours make me feel normal again" – A Drink with Oleksandra Doroguntsova

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

No drinks, but intense discussions await you in the eighth episode of our podcast "A Drink with European Media Creatives". Oleksandra "Sasha" Doroguntsova, Creative Director Banda, and our host Corinna Kamphausen talk about the current war situation in Ukraine, how Sasha experienced the first weeks and how working helps her to distract herself. They also talk about the perception of women in leadership positions and, of course, about the great work of the Ukrainian-American agency Banda.

Content Warning: Ukraine War Affected Person Report - If you don't want to hear this, please skip to the beginning of the Creative Talk starting at minute 13.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

"When the war started, the world gave us three days. We gave the world a chance to see what Ukrainian bravery is."

On the Brave.UA website, the agency Banda from Kyiv illustrates that bravery and celebrates it with quotes, e.g. from U.S. President Joe Biden, various inspiring key visuals and goosebump-inducing videos.

As mentioned in the podcast, we also want to support the creative people in Ukraine. For this purpose, we have launched the website helpukraine.eeofe.org. Here we collect Ukrainian agencies and freelancers who are looking for work, as well as job platforms that help with the job mediation for Ukrainian refugees. In addition, you will find various campaigns with which you can support Ukraine in one way or another.

A look behind the scenes of the media industry and into the minds of the people behind it – that's what "A Drink with European Media Creatives" is all about. With one guest alone or with several European colleagues, our presenter discusses current topics, specific and personal backgrounds, professional careers and, last but not least, their favourite drink. Once a month as a podcast to listen to over and over again.