New name & fresh logo for ARD debut – Luxlotusliner adds contrast

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

FilmDebüt im Ersten becomes ARD Debüt. A great opportunity for a new logo! This was produced by the Munich agency Luxlotusliner in no time.

To match the established butterfly – which the agencies Creative Cosmos 15 and giraffentoast created as part of a design package back in 2019 – the creatives at Luxlotusliner developed a new logo after the change of name from Filmdebüt im Ersten to ARD Debüt. In this case, the task was to create a logo that fits in well with the existing opener, as well as being able to exist independently and shine with its own design.

Decision against playfulness & in favour of contrast

After several proposals, some of which were more delicate and playful, the creatives and their client ARD Design, led by Creative Director Henriette Edle von Hoessle, were able to come to an agreement: "We liked the contrast between the playful, colourful butterfly and a clear bold typeface, reminiscent of a film poster, better," says Katharina Blenk, Project Manager Luxlotusliner. "Important in the brief – and thus decisive for the final decision – was the requirement of a multimedia-capable logo. It should also work well in the social media area as well as in small representations and brand the content in these areas, detached from the butterfly."

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Compact & cinematic

To achieve this, the agency opted for a condensed sans-serif font. In order to improve the kerning here, the creative team also moved the letters a little closer together so that the Ü could snuggle under the T stroke. The Ü dots also shifted a little and now appear like an extension of the T stroke. A compact logo that also stands out on social media and offers a nice contrast to the playful butterfly.

Client: ARD Design
Image & Brand Experience: Henriette Edle von Hoessle (Head of Department and Creative Director)
Creative Director Luxlotusliner: Gabi Madračević
Project Manager: Katharina Blenk
Logo Design: Katharina Blenk
Logo Animation: Katharina Blenk
Labelopener: Creative Cosmos 15, giraffentoast

Further information (in German) on Luxlotusliner at https://www.luxlotusliner.de/ard-debut/