Eyes & Ears Conference 2014

​12.05. / Cologne


The focus of the Eyes & Ears Conference will be current projects, trends and future prospects in the areas of design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. In addition to the Junior Highlights, inspiring keynote speeches in the areas of TV, film, internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture will be held by well-known industry players. For design, promotion and marketing professionals and newcomers alike, the conference is a valuable trend indicator and a high-profile communication platform for European developments in the audiovisual field. The theme of the creative conference organised by Eyes & Ears of Europe is 'Capture Your Audience'.


​Zeljko KarajicaJürgen RotersRichard Kastelein​
​Corinna KamphausenDominik Born​Prof. Peter Wippermann
​Emmanuelle Lacaze​Bernard Bréchet​Conny Roll-Oppitz

​Lieven Van Overbeke​Dietmar Dahmen​​​Ole Türck
The programme

Eyes & Ears Conference 2014 - CAPTURE YOUR AUDIENCE

Monday, 12 May 2014
14.00 Uhr

Jochen Schropp

14.05 UhrWelcome

Zeljko Karajica, President Eyes & Ears of Europe, Unterföhring

14.10 UhrGreeting

Jürgen Roters, Mayor of the City of Cologne

14.25 UhrProgramme

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights 2014


Marcel Meyer, Director finally., Mainz

14.30 UhrNeuland? – Corporate Design for the 7th Reception of the German film schools during the Berlinale 2014

Bennet Meyer, Iris Schwarz & Paul Brenner, students at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

14.50 Uhr

..Schlicht – An atmospheric puzzle game for two players
Dominik Haas, Christian Schmidhalter & Don Schmocker, students at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

15.10 UhrMetaworlds – A bridge between interactive design & art

Christian Freitag & Paul Kirsten, Graduates of the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy, Halle

​15.30 UhrBreak

Eyes & Ears Keynotes 2014
16.00 UhrWHAT’S YOUR STORY? – News is not a world apart

Emmanuelle Lacaze, Producer & Partner Gédéon, Paris

Bernard Bréchet, Creative Director & Partner Gédéon, Paris

Lieven Van Overbeke, Strategic Creative Director Gédéon & Senior Creative Director Medialaan, Brussels

16.30 UhrHow the 'Always-On Society' lives, plays and works

Dietmar Dahmen, specialist for branding & marketing communication, Vienna

17.00 UhrNew Gatekeepers in the Living Room: Democratisation of the Entertainment Industry... Levelling the Field

Richard Kastelein, Entrepreneur, Writer, Publisher & Innovation Catalyst, Groningen

17.30 UhrBreak
18.00 UhrThe New Culture of Sharing

Prof. Peter Wippermann, Founder Trendbüro and Professor for communication design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen

Eyes & Ears Creative Compilation 2014
18.30 Uhr

diy.fm – 'Do it yourself' radio
Dominik Born, Business Development Project Manager tpc, Zurich

19.00 UhrBest Practice: Disney Channel launch

Conny Roll-Oppitz, Head of Marketing Communications TV The Walt Disney Company, Munich

Ole Türck, Head of On Air The Walt Disney Company, Munich

19.45 Uhr

Get-together in the Wagenhalle of the Comedia



  • € 150,- Eyes & Ears members
  • € 50,- Eyes & Ears members / pupils, students, trainees who are personally members of EEofE or
    pupils, students, trainees of an institutional member of EEofE Europe
  • € 650,- non-members
  • € 100,- non-members / pupils, students, trainees



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50677 Cologne