What's your story? – The ARD Christmas campaign unites using language and music

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

This year's ARD Christmas campaign is based on pure emotions and focuses on what is especially noticeable at Christmas: The most precious thing is the community.

What's your story? What did you experience, that counts? What do you want to change, what really moved you? These questions, which are far too rarely asked in everyday life, are the focus of the ARD Christmas campaign. 300 people from all regions of Germany sing the song, which was especially composed for this campaign, together and get in contact with each other.

Community, solidarity and open diversity

Music and language connect. This is illustrated in particular by the portraits that focus on individual singers. Whether the music-loving Jean-Claude, Petra, a tattoo artist, a fisherman or a winegrower: they are all connected by the song and its lyrics, come together, experience a moment of happiness and peace and tell their stories.

The personal, open and emotionally moving song was written by Keno Langbein and Dominik Giesriegl. Henriette von Hoessle, head and creative director of ARD Design, is creatively and strategically responsible for the entire campaign. The concept of the ARD campaign comes from the agency Luxlotusliner and its creative director and owner Gabi Madracevic. The internationally successful Dane Asger Leth directed the campaign.

The campaign launched on 01 December 2019. Further information here: www.daserste.de