#machdichlaut & #sicherheim - SevenOne AdFactory and UFA (Bertelsmann Content Alliance) take a stand against domestic violence

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The organisation WEISSER RING as well as the actress Natalia Wörner have launched campaigns against domestic violence – especially now in times of quarantine and contact restrictions more important than ever.

Home – a place that actually promises protection. That sounds like security and warmth. For many, home is just that. But for many others, mostly women, home also means fear and violence. Especially in the current time of "Stay home. Stay safe", locked up at home by a pandemic without the possibility to seek protection at work or with friends, the risk of domestic violence continues to rise. The WEISSE RING has therefore launched the campaign "Silence makes you defenceless". The campaign was created and designed by the newly founded creative collective "Das Home Office" of the SevenOne AdFactory.

#machdichlaut (#speakout) for more attention

The campaign aims to give the issue of domestic violence the attention it needs to help victims and prevent assaults at this particularly difficult time for those affected. Now that we are all at home, we can listen even more closely and, by sharing #machdichlaut, make ourselves and others aware of this important issue. Famous support is provided by model Stefanie Giesinger, presenter and reporter Aminata Belli, actress Katy Karrenbauer and many more. 

As media partners, ProSiebenSat.1 and outdoor advertiser Wall are providing free advertising space for the "Silence makes you defenceless" campaign. The initiative is under the patronage of Tom Schwarz, Managing Director of SevenOne AdFactory, and under the direction of the two initiators Daniel Koller and Friedrich-Paul Spielhagen from SevenOne AdFactory. 

"Especially in these times, we as media have a special responsibility. I'm very proud that many of our partners and friends see it that way and therefore put their free time, heart and soul and passion into this initiative. My sincere thanks go to my colleagues Daniel Koller and Friedrich-Paul Spielhagen for this terrific initiative," says Tom Schwarz, Managing Director of SevenOne AdFactory 

#sicherheim (#safe home)

The explosive nature of the topic is also reflected in the #sicherheim initiative, which was brought to life by actress Natalia Wörner. Celebrities such as the actresses Sonja Gerhardt, Emilia Schüle and Maria Ehrich, but also male colleagues such as Jan Josef Liefers and Uwe Ochsenknecht draw attention to domestic violence and thus break the taboo of the topic. The aim of the project is to show those affected perspectives and encourage them to actively seek help. In addition, #sicherheim aims to support organisations and associations that stand by the victims. Initiatives that offer refuge to women from violent households become visible in the campaign. 

"The aim of #sicherheim is to highlight a problem that existed long before the Corona crisis and will continue to exist after it. The project should encourage people to help actively, either through personal commitment or in the form of donations. Together with the stern foundation, we have developed a structure that enables us to guarantee that all donations reach the organizations and projects that need them directly and 100 percent," say the two initiators Nico Hofmann, CEO UFA, and Marc Lepetit, producer UFA.

The initiative brings together a wide range of partners who are committed to the project pro bono. The idea and concept of the campaign was developed by the agency DIE BOTSCHAFT and the digital campaign by Taikonauten. On the corporate side, the Bertelsmann Content Alliance is also at the forefront of the initiative. In addition to UFA, the Bertelsmann Content Alliance includes the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, RTL Radio Deutschland, the publishing group Random House, Gruner + Jahr and BMG.

More information is available at https://schweigenmachtschutzlos.de/ & https://sicherheim.org/