Dear Ina, congratulations on 20 years with Eyes & Ears of Europe!

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Ina had her 20th anniversary at Eyes & Ears of Europe last Monday. We have put together what our board says about it:

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe

Ina, we've known and appreciated each other for 8 years now. But you have been working for Eyes & Ears of Europe for 20 years - a fifth of a century - unbelievable! Every day I am happy about your experience, your empathy, your organisational strength, in short, your commitment to the association - and I am glad that you are there. All the best for now and our future! Corinna

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Zeljko Karajica

Dear Ina, you've been with EEE for 20 years. 20 years of Award Shows, Workshops, Academies and much more. You have been instrumental in the success of our association. The connecting link between the members, our partner companies and sponsors. And above all: the one who has an answer to every question about EEE! Thank you very much for the last 20 years. And, let's tackle the next 20! In the name of EEE: Glad you are here! 

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Barbara Simon

HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY INA! You are loyal, professional, caring, efficient, resilient, smart, helpful, versatile, diligent and solid as a rock - one of Eyes&Ear’s most valuable foundations on which we rest. We are grateful and honored to have you in our team. May the force stay with us! Here’s to many more…. Hugs, Barbara

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Alex Hefter

Dear Ina, our media industry is a sometimes very turbulent world, which is often subject to short-lived trends and permanent changes. You stand for and with Eyes and Ears "rock solid" in the eye of the storm and for 20 years you have been ensuring with great loyalty, passion and commitment that we as an association continue to be there for our members with high quality and reliability. A big compliment and a big thank you! Best regards, Alex

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Volker Jungbäck

Happy 20 'Eyes & Ears - Years' dear Ina.  Thank you for the constructive order in creative work with us. Best regards, Volker

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Björn Klimek

Dear Ina - 20 years of Eyes and Ears and the last 15 of them I was allowed to create together with you! If I remember correctly, you were there at my very first point of contact with E+E and you still are - without you all this would be unthinkable! I thank you for your untiring commitment and your perseverance in all these years and I hope that many more will follow! You are the "good soul" of the association - thank you very much! All the best, Björn

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Frank Schneider

Dear Ina, thank you very much for your tireless efforts as the soul of Eyes and Ears. Thank you also for your great commitment and for always being on top of things. You are unique - human and an indispensable part of Eyes and Ears!

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Lars Wagner

Dear Ina, congratulations on your 20 years of Eyes & Ears of Europe. Without your perfect organisation and your open-mindedness our association would not be the same. May it continue to run smoothly in the future, both professionally and privately! Thank you for your huge effort! Lars

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Elmar Krick

Since I've known Eyes & Ears, there's been dear Ina. She has always been there somehow and belongs to the association like the icing on the cake. Here we have found two who simply fit together. And even if there were hard times to get through, Ina remained true to us and to herself. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! I'd call it "half time", we still have so much to do. All the best!

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Tilo Fischer

Dear Ina, you are the organisational eye and the open ear of Eyes & Ears - it's good to have you!

To the next 20 years, Tilo

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Tina Wiesner

Dear Ina, all the best for your anniversary! Since I' ve known E&E, I' ve known you too! Thanks for your always great organisation and your commitment, you are really indispensable :)

Yours, tina

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Manfred Becker

Dear Ina! 

It's hard to believe...  I N A B R A U N twenty years with/at/in EYES & EARS of EUROPE!!!

Without you INA we wouldn't be where we are today - your always passionate cooperation has made our success possible. Your talent for communication has - especially for me - been a great help in preparing for meetings with international personalities from creation and production. These meetings have always opened new doors for me.

Without you and your careful research I would not have been so relaxed and had breakfast with the Excellence Award winners Anton Corbijn (photographer/director), Prof. Erik Spieckermann (founder MetaDesign) or Boris Blank and Dieter Meier (YELLO) next door in the hotel. The same goes for my respective laudatory speech for Nico Hofmann (UFA) or Peter Weibel (ZKM).

You were and are available day and night to make things possible, to connect, to comfort. I have many positive but also wistful memories of our first team with friend and E&EofE co-founder Wout Nierhoff. 

Ina - please continue to accompany and support us, just like before, also after Corona.

Stay healthy!


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Claus Grimm

Dear Ina, congratulations on your anniversary! You have been the centre of Eyes & Ears of Europe for 20 years. With great talent and passion you have planned and organised events, whether conferences, seminars or juries, you knew every little detail and always kept your cool. I always felt in good hands with you. I have fond memories of our many years of cooperation and friendly meetings. I wish you all the best for your further work at EEofE!

Best regards


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Gustav Lohrmann

Dear Ina, Vienna is calling

We miss you here, but I can assure you that on Monday we will celebrate your 20th anniversary at eyes and ears in Vienna with a glass of wine. I can assure you that I know what you've done for our association as a  "Fairy Godmother". I think Wout feels the same way, wherever he is.

All the best - for the next 20 years Gustav