In festive wrapping paper – ARTE wraps its station design

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

ARTE gives the viewers a special gift and puts them in the right mood for that special time of the year.

Festively wrapped gifts under a decorated Christmas tree – a picture that not only delights children but also brings everyone directly into the Christmas mood. The German-French channel ARTE was inspired by this picture for this year's channel design and covered its jingles with wrapping paper.

Like the jingles, the program trailers are also festively packed and rounded off with the well-known classical music piece "Orpheus in the Underworld" by Jacques Offenbach. Cécile Chavepayre, artistic director of ARTE: "We wanted a sober Christmas: something new made with something old. Something that could talk not only to children, but to any child we all have inside of us. So we chose this design made of very simple patterns, like a gift paper and also like those tiny cheap games where you've got to rearrange an image that's all jumbled." 

ARTE's Christmassy design can be seen in the daily channel schedule.