Impressive trailer campaign by Golden Claim for the special programme "Attack on our children and what WE can do about it" on RTL

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

"Lea (12) often gets sent photos. Including dirty ones from Dirk (64)." A claim that becomes reality all too often, unfortunately. RTL showed how our children can be protected on the internet on 8 March in the special programme "Attack on our children". Golden Claim provided the strong on-air and online promotion.

It is hard to imagine our everyday life without the internet. Children and young people in particular find it a place to meet, communicate, play and experience. Parents do not always know exactly who their children are in contact with or which websites they end up on. So, dangers remain unclear for both children and parents, as do the questions of how and when children can be protected. In the moving special programme "Attack on our Children", RTL provided information about the threats and protection possibilities on the Internet on 8 March 2021. For the trailer campaign, the broadcaster hired the Cologne agency Golden Claim.

Shocking trailers for moving subject matter

The on-air and online promotion of Golden Claim for this extremely sensitive and important topic, based on concepts by Philipp Pauls, comprised seven different trailers on air and online. In addition to Lea, viewers also get to know Ben and Frida, among others:

Golden Claim clearly plays with the shock moment here, which only follows in the second sentence after an unthreatening introduction: "Paul (11) likes to chat with Noah (12). Who is actually Wolfgang (54)." The interest that they earn from the viewers is maintained by their immediate immersion in the subject matter. Presenter Steffen Hallaschka promises investigative journalism and announces that the police will prosecute the offenders.

A trailer campaign with impact

According to DWDL, there was no way around RTL on 8 March at 20.15: The programme achieved a strong market share of 15.8 per cent among 14-49 year-olds. Probably also due to the strong trailer campaign by Golden Claim and all those involved: brand manager Mirjam Pézsa, project manager Petra Matuschek, conceptioner Philipp Pauls, as well as presenter Steffen Hallaschka and DOP Sven Lützenkirchen.

On Tuesday, 9 March, there was another special programme on the topic. In "Attack on our children - the reactions", the experts answered questions that viewers had asked in the call centre (7,000 calls). In addition, RTL wanted to know how the responsible politicians reacted to their reporting.

Further information (in German) on the campaign at https://www.goldenclaim.de/portfolio-items/rtl-spezial-angriff-auf-unsere-kinder-und-was-wir-dagegen-machen-koennen/

Both episodes of the special programme are also available in full length via the streaming service TV NOW.