Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: "Talking Bodies" - Body images in posters

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

With the exhibition "Talking Bodies", the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich invites visitors to critically examine the representation of bodies in the media. The posters on display enter into a dialog with commercials, objects from everyday culture, historical images and contemporary compositions. This shows that the poster as a classic medium is often resistant to social change. The exhibition explores the question of which visual codes underlie the representations and why the stereotypical ideal body has prevailed over non-binary, queer, sick, impaired, old or black bodies. Reflecting and thinking about the ideal representation should help to find newer, more inclusive and more diverse forms of expression. The exhibition will be on display until 25.02.2024 and features an extensive supporting program. 

More Information:  https://museum-gestaltung.ch/de/ausstellung/talking-bodies/