Don’t lose your head: Neuer Auftritt von NPO Zapp dank CapeRock

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

NPO Zapp, the leading go-to TV channel for Dutch kids and teens, teamed up with CapeRock to invigorate their brand identity. To stay relevant in a fierce market with giants like YouTube and TikTok, the only option is to embrace social media with innovative concepts. This led to turning Zapp into a dynamic digital content brand with a compelling story and strong values. The presenters, central to the storytelling as protagonists, elevate the indents with their unique energy and personality. The indents are glooming with a short and snappy mix of 2D and 3D animation. 

Recording with a bullet rig against a green screen, CapeRock unlocked a world of possibilities: capturing the presenters in full 360º glory, seizing all motion, and freezing expressions in time.

The brand's new visual language features bright colours, sharp geometrical shapes and patterns, and bold typography, enhancing the dynamic feel and creating a distinctive statement.

The sound design is fun, quirky, and electric, matching the edgy visuals. A bold beat and sturdy rhythm create a synergy between video and visual.

Those awesome 6 to 12-year-olds, equipped with tablets and smartphones, are empowered to create their own mediaprogramme, enhancing their sense of independence through interactive experiences. To connect with their young audience, Zapp adapts to the changing media landscape by designing all assets to be highly versatile, fitting effortlessly into landscape, square, and portrait formats.

Don’t lose your head but dive into Zapp!

Explore our case study at https://www.caperock.tv/work/npo-zapp