CapeRock: Planet A

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

CapeRock's recent makeover of the popular YouTube channel 'Planet A' has made a real impact. Aired by German Public Broadcaster Deutsche Welle on YouTube and TikTok, ‘Planet A’ focuses on reports touching on global economic, environmental and climate issues. The primary goal is to address the target group of 18 to 34 year olds.
'Planet A' is committed to simplifying sustainability topics, making the complex issue of mitigating climate change accessible and easy to understand whilst providing valuable insights into urgent matters for this specific target group.
CapeRock has achieved a younger and fresher look and feel by developing a versatile motion toolkit that is adjustable to all social media platforms and devices. Moving away from the more serious blue colour scheme of the corporate design of ‘Deutsche Welle' to a vibrant TikTok-inspired design, featuring bright colours, bold typography as well as playful graphics, while also cricking up the pace a notch, the format resonates much better with a younger audience.
Our ongoing alliance with Deutsche Welle sparkles with fruitful projects and dynamic creativity. We’re genuinely grateful for the trust and steadfast collaboration from the DW Team, especially Maria Regenspurger, Holger Zeh, Philippe Fontaine, René Lange and Irmina Blachnik.