A farewell to Martin Lambie-Nairn, Eyes & Ears Excellence Award winner and long-time member

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The media industry suffered a bitter loss at the end of last year: Martin Lambie-Nairn, great designer, long-time member of Eyes & Ears of Europe and holder of the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award passed away Christmas 2020.

Martin Lambie-Nairn, Royal Designer, founder of Lambie-Nairn Branding Agency, co-creator of the world-famous Spitting Image dolls, ingenious designer of the iconic BBC and Channel 4 Idents and Creative Director of major brand clients such as The Royal Opera House, O2 and many other TV stations worldwide, remains unforgotten, however, not only in his role as King of Design and Branding.

We will always remember him for his friendly smile. For his way of approaching people and overcoming language barriers. For his exciting, lively lectures, which we were fortunate to listen to at our conference in Cologne in 2017. Here, he not only turned conventional wisdom upside down, but also questioned the lasting importance of creative craftsmanship and entrepreneurial thinking. Always curious, he was also critical about technology, of which he was the biggest fan and enthusiast. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe

We actually can't say why he always inspired us in a better way than our former CEO Wout Nierhoff did in his tribute in 2000:

With the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award, outstanding contributions to the creation of audiovisual communication are honoured. It is not possible to submit an application for the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award. Each year, the board and management of Eyes & Ears of Europe select an award winner. [...] The Criterion for the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award is outstanding work on a continuously high level, which sets an example for our activities in the fields of design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. This year's award winner fulfils this criterion in a very impressive way.

The Eyes & Ears Excellence Award winner 2000 is an internationally awarded (TV/Media/Broadcast) designer. He is one of the few professionals in his profession who have found their place in creative anthologies where artists, designers, fashion designers and architects of international rank stand side by side.

But the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award winner 2000 is not only an internationally distinguished, renowned and requested designer; he is also one of the most requested brand, i.e. brand communication specialists. His advice, his concepts are in great demand in the decision-making committees of internationally operating airlines, banks, insurance companies and technology companies as well as in television, film and media companies all over the world. With his professionalism and integrity, his creativity and his sense of humour, he is a precise, entertaining and likeable companion. In this context, an anecdote is significant: In 1995, I organised a conference on TV design and branding at the Cologne Conference in Cologne. When I met him in person for the first time at the conference, I apologised for my English. This year's award winner replied: "Don't worry - my German doesn't exist...".

Everyone, please welcome with us the winner of the Eyes & Ears Excellence Award 2000, the Executive Creative Director of Lambie-Nairn & Company, Mr Martin Lambie-Nairn."

Eyes & Ears of Europe

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