A Box Full of Possibilities – UnitedSenses creates "Design Machine" and Sound Toolbox for the International Basketball Federation FIBA

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

With their modular audiovisual branding system, UnitedSenses ensures clear FIBA branding in all international competitions despite individual design packages and sounds.

FIBA needed a new motion identity that would transmit dynamics and emotions for all tournaments of the International Basketball Federation – through sound and design. The different tournaments had to be different but at the same time recognisable as part of the federation. The challenge: For the next two years alone, FIBA has more than 20 major tournaments with individual TV styles on the calendar. UnitedSenses took on this task and mastered it successfully. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe

Basketball courts and content boxes

In order to give all tournaments a different design and still show the connection to FIBA, UnitedSenses worked on the design with a grid of 15 animated connected content boxes. These can be filled with graphic elements, typography and specially produced photo sequences. The Munich branding experts used the lines of a basketball court as the basic element of the new motion identity, which will carry the FIBA brand through all competitions in the future and thus increase its visibility. By using square boxes, the design is compatible with all moving image formats and is also perfectly suited for social media.

Vibrant and urban

The dynamic design is rounded off by the newly created FIBA sound. Urban and reminding of a dribbled basketball, the sound evokes enthusiasm for the various tournaments of the basketball federation. Again, there are separate versions for men's, women's and youth competitions. Similar to the motion design, the FIBA audio logo is the central element of the corporate sound and is used in all events with variations and individual styles.

All information on this work by UnitedSenses, at https://unitedsenses.tv/work/fiba-motion-identity/