"A Drink with European Media Creatives", the (Live-)Podcast from Eyes & Ears of Europe – Second Episode Online Now!

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The second podcast episode of "A Drink with European Media Creatives" features Austrian Green Veltliner and Kitty Krazy from Smaland, Sweden. In the conversation with Christer Mellstrand, Marketing Director at SVT, they talk - among other things - about the task of a public broadcaster not to provide a stage for fake news. Our presenter and the Marketing Director also discuss the challenges of being a team leader in times of crisis and how to promote creativity while running.

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In addition to the video, you can now listen to the conversation as a podcast!

A look behind the scenes of the media industry and into the minds of the people behind it – that's what "A Drink with European Media Creatives" is all about. With one guest alone or with several European colleagues, our presenter discusses current topics, specific and personal backgrounds, professional careers and, last but not least, their favourite drink. Once a month as a live conversation with the option to ask questions and later as a podcast to listen to over and over again.