Not just cookies here! – Screenworks produces marketing elements for "Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck – with Steffen Henssler" and RTL+

by Alexandra Runden, Eyes & Ears of Europe

Starting on 5 February, the new cooking show for the whole family is shown on SUPER RTL and can be streamed on RTL+. For Screenworks, the challenge was the show's unique selling point.

A cooking show that is not only fun for adults but also appeals to children – the creative minds of the Cologne agency Screenworks focused on this unique combination. Their task: to develop a trailer campaign for on-air & social media as well as a graphic design concept for social media for "Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck – with Steffen Henssler". The fact that both the streaming audience of RTL+ and the on-air consumers were to be addressed and excited about the show presented the agency with a bit of a challenge during production. "We always asked ourselves: What appeals to children – but also to the adult members of the family?" describes Olaf Wicke, Chief Executive Officer Screenworks, the development process. "In teamwork with our producers and graphic designers, the first headlines, claims and text concepts emerged. The constructive exchange with the clients also helped us a lot in the creative process!"

Chopping, cooking, playing

The message "Cooking and baking is not just for adults" is the central point of the marketing campaign and was to be made clear right from the start. Screenworks managed to combine fun and games with healthy cooking and well-known faces. After all, like co-host Steffen Henssler stands for exciting recipes, the Cookie Monster as host stands for fun games with the well-known guests and is also responsible for uniquely named dishes and funny sayings while cooking. From this mix, a campaign was created in about six weeks that not only captures the essence of the show, but also invites people to cook and watch together.

Further information on Screenworks at https://screenworks.tv/