"Criminal content" - Klimek Schneider design new "LOOK!" ("SCHAU HIN!") TV spot

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Klimek Schneider's latest work has just gone on air - the TV and online spot "Elias' Birthday" ("Elias hat Geburtstag"). The spot was created as part of the initiative "SCHAU HIN! What your child is doing with media" and will be used on ARD and ZDF, as well as online. "SCHAU HIN!" is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the public broadcasters Das Erste and ZDF, and the health insurance company AOK. 

The spot addresses the problem of sharing criminal content on student cell phones and social networks. It is intended to raise awareness of this issue and make a contribution to prevention. Many parents and educators are probably not aware at which point their children move into legally unsafe or even punishable territory. Klimek Schneider was selected for the concept in an agency pitch and then designed and produced the film.

The agency, based in Frankfurt and Cologne, was founded two years ago by Björn Klimek and Frank Schneider. Since then, former RTL brand developer Michael Zschiesche has also come on board as a partner and Head of Digital. "At the beginning, we had a lot of respect for our own courage to start a new agency in the middle of the Corona pandemic - but now we are delighted to have taken this step," says Björn Klimek, reflecting on the last two years. Frank Schneider further explains, "Our services are essentially based on two pillars - the conception and production of custom creative solutions for our clients ..." "... and strategic consulting in all matters of communication, brand management and brand building," adds Björn Klimek.

"We have made the experience that especially the combination of strategic brand consulting and high-quality creation in conception and implementation are in high demand on the market. Our clients include broadcasters and production companies, advertisers such as Velux and Procter & Gamble, as well as numerous medium-sized companies," Frank Schneider elaborates. "Support in brand building and communicative topics, such as recruiting, is in high demand, especially in the SME sector," adds Björn Klimek.

In conclusion, Frank Schneider describes: "We have a healthy mix of advertising clients - which is certainly based on my agency past - and broadcast topics. Björn Klimek and I have been working together successfully in this area for years. That's where the idea of founding an agency together came from, and we are happy about how well and successfully the company is developing. And of course we are happy about such challenging and at the same time beautiful projects, like the 'Schau hin' spot. Especially since in this case we were able to fully contribute from the idea to the finished film!"

Watch the spot here:



Klimek Schneider GmbH

Concept / Text:
Pauline Becker
Clarissa Mirza
Christina Winkelhaus
Frank Schneider

Frank Schneider

Responsible on the customer side:
Georgette van Beek, Das Erste
Norbert Menkel, ZDF