Fun, Fun, Fun – GÉDÉON gets the FUN Radio logo dancing with moving type

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Typography dancing to the rhythm of the music in bright colours – the Parisian agency GÉDÉON ensures a fun and a clear identity on all platforms for FUN Radio.

With its new logo, the tagline "Enjoy the Music" becomes the programme of the French radio station FUN Radio. For this, the agency GÉDÉON first freed the logo from its box, creating a new modern look that is simpler and, above all, easier to read. The bright colours remain, but are reduced to pink, white and blue. The agency was inspired here by FUN Radio's artists as well as the station's own music theme, which convey "pop" and "fun", and therefore decided on flowing, holographic textures.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Visible fun through more mobility

In order to make the design more dynamic, GÉDÉON decided to use different typefaces. The font of the word FUN varies between condensed and extended to provide more motion. This not only emphasises the sense of fun, but also the soul of the brand, which stands for a positive, friendly, fun, energetic and close connection to the audience. FUN set in capitals also ensures that the logo can be used in small sizes, such as an app icon.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Inspired by apps and touchscreens, GÉDÉON opted for an animation that moves from left to right. The cut-out effects create smooth, organic transitions and a clear identity that can also be used in print.

Further information on the design can be found at https://www.gedeon.com/projects/fun-radio-visual-identity/