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28.06. / EYES & EARS INSIGHTS, Cologne

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Influencer Marketing - just a hip, chic and cool hype?

No! Influencer marketing has become more professional and is now an important touch point in customer journeys. While lifestyle brands have long been using the positive effects of influencers for their products, the tool is becoming increasingly relevant in the marketing mix of media brands. At the end of the day, it is no longer just a matter of pointing out a product and its advantages to the user. Rather, it is a matter of using a coordinated marketing mix to accompany the user during their customer-journey - from perception to consumption to the recommendation of a format - and this as subtle as possible. 

But how do you find the right influencer for a certain programme content and thus also for the media brand? 

How do you make paid influence transparent and credible?

And how much creative freedom do you leave to the influencer?

These and other questions will be the focus of EYES & EARS INSIGHTS' Influencer-Marketing for Media Brands' at the COMEDIA Theater in Cologne on 28 June 2018. At the event organised by Eyes & Ears of Europe in cooperation with the City of Cologne, marketing managers from the media sector will present their projects together with influencers and provide insights into a field that still offers a lot of potential.

The EYES & EARS INSIGHTS will take place in English.



Charles Bahr

Founder tubeconnect media, Hamburg

Robin Blase

Founder & Managing Director Richtig Cool, Berlin


Birgit Bucher

International Marketing Manager WhatsBroadcast, Munich

Felix Hummel

Founder & Managing Director BuzzBird, Berlin

Christoph Krachten

Managing Director United Creators PMB, Berlin


Julia Küpper

Julia Küpper, Senior Media and Project Manager RTL II, Grünwald 


Carolin Sedlmayr
Director Artist & TV Media Relations 7NXT, München

Manuel Thalmann

Head Of Format Development, Young Audience Department SRF, Zurich


Tina Wiesner

Head of Marketing, Creation & Advertising RTL II, Grünwald


Daniela Vaupel

Sales Manager IP Deutschland, Cologne


Prof. Dr. Christian Zabel

Professor of Corporate Management and Innovation Management Technische Hochschule Köln


Pop Singer, Famous Face from German TV & Influencer

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe


State of the German Influencer Marketing

Felix Hummel, Founder & Managing Director BuzzBird, Berlin

#BifiGate, #CoralGate, #InstaAPIGate and Gatekeeper? In his lecture, Felix Hummel, founder of the influencer marketing technology BuzzBird and himself YouTuber and Google Original Channel Producer, will give an overview of the development in influencer marketing. Which strategies work, which pitfalls should be avoided and what are the real pearls of influencer marketing? An inventory after 3 years of influencer marketing and 10 years as content creator.

Something with influencers...

Manuel Thalmann, Head Of Format Development, Young Audience Department SRF, Zurich

On the one hand: Public broadcasters can enjoy the reach of known "influencers". 

But what are the pitfalls in such relationships? Who gets involved in what? What are the long-term benefits of such a partnership? How does the editorial support, which differs from that of experienced producers, work? 

On the other hand: Do we need to do this at all?

Three examples from current SRF projects for a young audience offer answers to these and other questions.

'Fitness Diaries' – The Multichannel TV Show

Carolin Sedlmayr, Director Artist & TV Media Relations 7NXT, Munich

Germany's fitness TV show 'Fitness Diaries' premiered in 2017 and showed the real everyday life of successful lifestyle & fitness influencers – far away from the perfect Instagram picture show. By showing their daily training on various channels – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TV – 'Fitness Diaries' reached millions of people. The combination of TV/YouTube and social media posts by the influencers on their own profiles was a unique and effective case for the sponsoring partners. 

In Coffee we trust – Storytelling for 'Alles was zählt'

Daniela Vaupel, Sales Manager IP Deutschland, Cologne

Last year, TASSIMO used the pre-Christmas period for a 360-degree campaign for the daily soap 'Alles was zählt'. The result: storytelling across all platforms. Whether TV, online, addressable TV or social media - TASSIMO was at the heart of the campaign and could be seen for two months alongside the AWZ actors, including influencer Cheyenne Pahde.

Why more and more influencers use WhatsApp

Birgit Bucher, Internationale Marketing Manager WhatsBroadcast, Munich

There is a new player in town! WhatsApp is bigger than any other App and more and more Influencers use WhatsApp for community engagement and branding.

Still influencer – or already a digital media company?

Robin Blase, Founder & Managing Director Richtig Cool, Berlin

How broadcasters, media brands and influencers should use YouTube & co. together in order to reach young viewers in the long term with web content. What kind of successful media cooperations are there from the USA? What is it that funk does right in Germany? What does a cooperation look like that sees influencer marketing not only as an advertising pillar for a campaign, but as a cooperation between two media brands?

How to create social buzz: Influencer Marketing at RTL II

Kristina Wiesner, Head of Marketing Creation & Advertising RTL II, Grünwald

Julia Küpper, Senior Media and Project Manager RTL II, Grünwald 

As a TV-broadcaster, RTL II promotes its programmes with a cross-media strategy. While the station’s focus is not primarily on social media, it has yet become an essential aspect in its media mix – including the use of social influencers. Tina Wiesner and Julia Küpper from RTL II demonstrate how station-based influencers are used creatively to create additional buzz among social media. Furthermore, RTL II cooperated with various German social influencers. In their presentation they will also show both the requirements and obstacles in finding the perfect match to launch a successful campaign. Afterwards SARAH, pop singer, famous face from German TV and influencer will be interviewed by Tina Wiesner.



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