Eyes & Ears of Europe
Christoph Krachten, Foto: © Lawrence Mooij

Christoph Krachten, Managing Director United Creators PMB, Berlin

Christoph Krachten has worked for almost all TV stations in Germany. Already 10 years ago he discovered the moving image on the Internet for himself. As producer and moderator of Clixoom, he is one of Germany's most famous YouTubers. He founded the VideoDays, is one of the founders of the first German YouTube network Mediakraft and with Community Editions he is responsible for the most successful founding of a publishing house in recent years. Today he supervises successful YouTuber like LiDiRo, die Junggesellen or die Datteltäter for funk - the youth programme of ARD and ZDF. He advises companies and institutions in the field of online video, is a member of the Journalistic Commission of the German Bishops' Conference and is jointly responsible for the most successful brand channels on YouTube in Germany.