Eyes & Ears Conference 2017

​8 May / 11 AM / Cologne

Digital change continues to change the media industry. In addition to many well-established TV stations, digital broadcasters and online providers are also competing for the favour of the audience. "SHIFT YOUR MIND" is therefore the theme of the Eyes & Ears Conference 2017. It was never so important for industry actors to consider the latest trends and perspectives in their day-to-day work.

Monday, 8 May 2017
Nina Vorbrodt
11.00 Presenter
Nina Vorbrodt, Actress & Presenter, Cologne
11.10 Welcome

Zeljko Karajica, President Eyes & Ears of Europe, Unterföhring

11.20 Greeting
Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, Mayor of the City of Cologne
11.35 Programme
Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

EYES & EARS Keynotes 2017 I

Under the title Eyes & Ears Keynotes, both national, European and international industry players from TV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture give insights into their projects and provide new perspectives. By addressing current media developments, trends and challenges, the speeches offer inspiration and points of reference for the participants' own work. Therefore, the keynotes are an important contribution to the design and examination of audiovisual communication.


Fuck mediocre - How to create the best ideas in the world with Creative Effectiveness

Lukas-Pierre Bessis, Author, Creative, Blogger, Speaker & DJ, Stuttgart

"Creative Effectiveness Ideas are advertising activities that are creative on the one hand and have won creative prizes and on the other hand have worked so effectively (proven by verified figures) that they have received awards for their effectiveness. Creative Effectiveness Ideas thus represent the ideal state of an idea." Why such works are so successful and how they are generated by a unique idea process, explains bestselling author and idea researcher Lukas-Pierre Bessis.


Lunch break

EYES & EARS New Talents 2017

The Eyes & Ears New Talents give young talent a platform to showcase their innovative work. Practical, inspiring, and promising, they present their projects to an expert audience as part of the European Conference for Design, Promotion and Marketing. The industry meeting offers them the opportunity to get to know those who are always looking for young creative talent. At the same time, these young talents give long-time media professionals creative ideas for their own work.


Bug City - Behind The Screens

Andreas Weber, Thomas Simeth & Andreas Helt, graduates of the TH Georg-Simon-Ohm Nuremberg

"Where do all the computer crashes and system errors occur with which modern man (homo Informaticus) must grapple every day? 'Bug City' takes the viewer on a journey into the stuffy and dirty interior of the computer and draws the image of the gloomy and brutal world of "bugs," slavery work robots that must work to preserve the system. The high efforts associated with this make Bug City a sick and neglected society."


Red Orange Ground

Johannes Geier & Jonas Vahl, students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

An artificial, contemporary sports film about the sense of the temporal dimension in the 100 meter sprint in athletics. Johannes Geier's vision of the film grew six years, until he decided to realise it as his diploma film in Motion Design. Together with director Jonas Vahl and Camera man Maximilian Pittner, they realised Geier's concept world around Red Orange Ground.


Ernas Unheil

Talea Sieckmann, Lisa Forsch, Jessica Bodamer & Olga Trinova, students of the HTW Berlin

'Erna's Unheil' is a book that is intended to tell children from 10 years onwards the personal story of an alleged witch. The book is multimedial by linking it with an Augmented Reality app to provide a unique interactive experience. Our goal is to encourage a fun way to read and to give the reader the opportunity to influence the course of the story based on his own decisions.

15.00 Break

Voting: Eyes & Ears New Talents 2017

EYES & EARS Keynotes 2017 II


How to think more like a Dinosaur

Martin Lambie-Nairn, Creative Direction & Brand Design M-LN, London

Martin Lambie-Nairn – the Royal Designer and Creative Director behind major brands such as BBC, O2, Channel 4, The Royal Opera House and for many broadcasters around the globe – gives his unique view on the role of digital and technological advances and their role in the branding process. The talk aims to turn conventional wisdom on its head and explore the enduring importance of business thinking, craft and the merits of being wary of technology for technology’s sake, plus a few meteors of inspiration along the way.


Spatial Thinking: Experimenting with New Media

Dale Herigstad, Advanced Interaction Consultant ISOVIST, London

Dale Herigstad’s work in Television and Media motion graphics goes back to the late 70’s in Hollywood. He worked on the some of the earliest projects that utilised computer graphics and digital technologies for branding, advertising, content-finding and enhanced content. After 30 years in Los Angeles, Dale moved to London to open a European office for his firm, Schematic in 2008. His motion design work always looks to the future, and he has led in new interfaces and inputs, including today’s emerging platforms in AR and VR. Key directions include dynamic (non-linear) media, spatial navigation, gesture and layered media. His work always seeks to find the thread of common interface and design elements in the many platforms we use to consume media. And he sees a future where space will become a key factor in design.


EYES & EARS Case Studies 2017

The Eyes & Ears Case Studies present current projects in the fields of television, film, internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture.


From here to the Future? Always on! Someday is always today.

Wolf-Derek Ehrhardt, CCO pilot, Hamburg

Jürgen Irlbacher, Geschäftsleiter Beratung / Content pilot, Hamburg

How do creative people work today in times of Big Data. How do we recognize relevance and how does this information flow into briefings? How many touchpoints must an idea have nowadays and how quickly? What challenges do we face as creatives when digital creation becomes this measurable? Blessing or curse?

Barbara Simon


State of the Art? State of OUR Art! - Inspiring On Air Promos, Trailer Campaigns, Social Spots and Marketing Activities of the Year

Barbara Simon, Creative Director, Munich

Elmar Krick, Brand Director, NBCUniversal International Networks, Munich

The most innovative and creative thing our industry has to offer - strictly according to subjective criteria and personal preferences curated by Creative Director Barbara Simon and Brand Director Elmar Krick. To enjoy and analyse, to laugh and to cry and, above all, to be inspired and to inspire. At the same time, the two creative professionals are not only focusing on the marketing of TV and film products: "We show everything that is really fun. Whether on small or large screens - whether on TV, on Facebook, on the web or in the cinema. And we look beyond the German-speaking world, all over Europe", Simon and Krick describe their session.

19.00 Award ceremony: Eyes & Ears New Talents 2017
19.30 Get Together in the Wagenhalle, COMEDIA Theatre

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The registration fee includes the Get-Together, where participants and speakers can enjoy the evening together and network.

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