'Virtual Reality & Technological Innovations – New Concepts for Future TV'

17.11. – 18.11.2016 / EYES & EARS SUMMIT, London
Eyes & Ears of Europe

Technologicalinnovations are rapidly taking over the audiovisual arena. New concepts, newformats, new viewing and selection habits. How will your organisationstay ahead and set the innovation bar?

Ina sector of change, where there is such focus on the bottom line, wethink the opportunity to meet and listen to industry thought-leaders and peersis vital.

Future-focusedEyes & Ears of Europe will be holding an industry event with on-screen brandingpioneers Lambie-Nairn in London. Over two days, leadersfrom TV and online broadcast, production agencies and university educators willfocus their attention on the challenges, strategies and trend evolution in thenational and European arena. The event will provide industry leaders andexperts the opportunity to network and gain an in-depth insight into leadingtechnological and virtual reality trends shaping the future of TV, and how theyare being addressed.

Topichighlights include:

  • Find out how leading mass media company, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, have been experimenting with and integrating new formats of content creation and consumption
  • A digital shift: find out how SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) are optimising their performance and what they’ve learned on the way
  • Creativity is key: get inspired by industry innovators

Wewelcome you to join us with our partner hosts, Lambie-Nairn, at: 6Brewhouse Yard, London EC1V 4DG on the 17th and 18th November.

To book your ticket visit Anmeldeformular Virtual Reality

This Eyes & Ears Summit is aimed primarily at people working inmedia and communications companies, (post) production firms, design studios,consultancies, as well as marketing, advertising and online companies who wantto find out more about this topic. The seminar languagewill be English.

Programme: Thursday, 17 November 2016



Andy Hayes, Managing DirectorNorthern Europe & Middle East Lambie-Nairn, London

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

​11.45​Introduction of the participants

VRNarratives – Storytelling for the 'Invisible Man’

Prof.Dr. Martin Zimper, Head Cast/ Audiovisual Media, Zurich University ofthe Arts


VR –reshaping TV

Jan Thiel,Co-Founder and Managing Director A4VR - the Agency for Virtual Reality,Düsseldorf

​14.00Lunch break

Technologyand brand: when it works, it works

Casestudy: the Story of Now

PaulField, CEO Europe TouchCast, London

AdrianBurton, Executive Creative Director Lambie-Nairn, London


The evolution of storytelling and content in an age ofnew technological innovation

Luis De Jorge-Ladrero,Senior Producer Nexus Interactive Arts,London


​18.00End of Day 1

Programme: Friday, 18 November 2016

09.00Get together​

Howimmersive Media will affect our daily lives – a review on VirtualReality in use

Prof.Ralf Lobeck, Professor for Visual Communication, Academic Dean ‘Brand& Communication Design B.A.’, AMD Akademie Mode & Design,Department Design Fresenius University, Düsseldorf

CreativeDirector, Lobeck | Motion Concept, Cologne


VR ‘LifeGarden’ for Cancer Research UK : A Case Study

Andy McNamara, Head of CG and Immersive Rushes, London

CarolineLaing, VFX/VR Producer Rushes, London


Jealousywon't get you anywhere: Conclusions and learnings of a digital shift

Jonas Bayona, Digital StorytellerSRF, Zurich


Lunch break


Entering anew world - ProSiebenSat.1 VR Strategy

Bianca Stephan, SeniorManager Business Development SevenOne AdFactory, Unterföhring




Virtual is Real

Rafi Nizam, Global Creative Director NBCUniversal International, London
​16.30​Summary & Evaluation

​17.00​End of the event


Jealousy won't get you anywhere: Conclusions and learnings of a digitalshift

„Broadcasters all around the world are wasting way toomuch time and energy fighting for or against digital innovation. This is whatwe at SRF did and how I see things after two years of transformation. Storiesabout failure and success, which should inspire you and hand you somerhetorical weapons for the upcoming fights.“

Jonas Bayona, Digital Storyteller SRF, Zurich

Jonas is a 29-year-old media addict with the attentionspan of a digital native. A multimedia journalist/designer focusing on digitalmarketing and strategies for broadcasters. All while focusing on his single,most important goal: To gain world domination make the internet a betterplace.


Technologyand brand: when it works, it works

Casestudy: the Story of Now

Innovative technology start up,TouchCast, recently partnered up with the BBC and Lambie-Nairn tocreate “Story Of Now”. The rich content of this interactivedocumentary series is built on an entirely new medium: the“videoweb”. The videoweb – as coined by TouchCast – allowsanything from the web, including video, games, web pages and livesocial content, to be experienced by viewers inside HD video. For thefirst time, the viewing experience is put in the hands of the viewersand it can be as linear or as interactive as they choose it to be.

In this highly visual andthought-provoking session, Paul and Adrian will share key learningsfrom working on this ambitious project, and explore how TouchCast’sground-breaking technology could transform the way we consume andcreate content (from broadcasting to corporate communications).

Paul Field, CEO Europe TouchCast, London

Paul is CEO EMEA ofTouchCast, a New York-based company whose ground-breaking smart videotechnology is transforming communications in the enterprise and media space.TouchCast's clients include Accenture, Unilever, Pfizer, WPP and the BBC.

He is also an Operating Partner at bMuse, an adventurous incubator whichnurtures and launches start ups that are highly disruptive in the media space.

Paul is a director of Higgaboom, a boutique consultancy specialising in contentand mobile strategies, and an angel investor.

In these roles Paul draws on his experienceworking in the media for two decades.

In a successful newspaper career that started on a local paper when he wasstill at school, Paul rose to be third in command at the Daily Mail where heregularly edited the paper, oversaw features and spearheaded Weekend magazinebefore launching Mail Plus, a suite of interactive apps. Paul was also a keymember of the small team that launched Mail Online in 2006, now the world'sbiggest newspaper website.

He was Editor In Chief of the Irish Daily Mail and Irish Mail on Sunday andExecutive Editor of The Mail on Sunday, and spent two years in New York asthe youngest ever Editor In Chief of the National Enquirer.

Paul is proud to serve on the board of Free Word, the internationalorganisation promoting freedom of expression, literature and literacy.

Paul divides his time between London, New York and the beautiful Suffolk coastwhich is home not only to his artist wife and three young daughters but hisever-expanding vinyl record collection… 4,000 LPs and counting!

Adrian Burton, Executive CreativeDirector Lambie-Nairn, London

Adrian’srole is to put his creative stamp on all the work we do, adopting an on-goingrole to ensure the work our clients and their many agencies produce remainsconsistent, coherent and relevant. He has over 20 years of experience indesign, having worked at Sedley Place (UK and Berlin) where his clientsincluded Volkswagen Group and The Royal Mail.

Sincemoving to Lambie-Nairn in 1997 he has been at the helm of many high profilebranding projects including the BBC (Masterbrand, TV, radio and events), 2022FIFA World Cup Qatar, EA Games, FIFA, Sainsbury’s, Direct Gov, Expedia,Telefónica, O2, Al Jazeera and Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee.

Adrian isa regular judge and speaker within the creative industry including for theDrum, the Roses Awards and the D&AD.

Ralf Lobeck

Howimmersive Media will affect our daily lives – a review on Virtual Reality inuse

"Immersion has a significant impact: the user isphyscially and mentally involved, emotionally exposed to the content. That canbe exploited in a positive or negative way."

Prof. Ralf Lobeck, Professor forVisual Communication, Academic Dean ‘Brand & Communication Design B.A.’,AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Department Design Fresenius University,Düsseldorf

Creative Director, Lobeck | MotionConcept, Köln

StudiedVisual Communications and Graphic Design at the University of Applied Sciencesin Düsseldorf and at the University of California in Los Angeles (Bachelor). TVdesigner at WDR. Employed at RTL from 1991 to 2009, initially as TV designer,later head of department. Most recently as senior artdirector at RTL CREATION. 2009/10 creative directorat Bruce Dunlop Associates in Munich. In 2011, founded Lobeck |motion concept, a studio for brand staging in image, sound and space. Since2012, professorship for visual communications at the AMD Akademie Mode &Design, Department Design of Fresenius University in Düsseldorf. Since2013 academic dean ‘Brand & Communication Design B.A.’ at AMD. Variousteaching assignments and lectureships at universities in Germany, Austria andSwitzerland. Since 2010 head of working group ‘Typography’ at Eyes & Earsof Europe.



VR ‘Life Garden’ for Cancer Research UK : A CaseStudy

"Rushes in collaborationwith agency Atomic London, recently designed and developed an innovative VRexperience for Cancer Research UK - one of the largest charities in the UK. The'Life Garden' was created to celebrate and thank individuals who have had lefta gift in their Will to the charity.

Premiered at theHampton Court Flower Show in July as part of Cancer Research UK’s show garden,users of the experience are transported to a seemingly endless field of flowersafter donning an Oculus Rift VR headset. The immersive experience features morethan 100,000 flowers bearing the names of supporters who have donated to thecharity by leaving a legacy gift.

Utilising acombination of stereo CGI, 3d spatial audio, specially commissioned music and avariety of contemporary VR techniques, the team have developed a uniquelypersonal experience and illustrates how VR can be used effectively for non-gamebased applications.

The talk willcover:

-Thedesign, R&D and development of the VR ‘Life Garden’ from concept todelivery.

-Thechallenges of developing VR experiences for live events.

-Producingfor VR and how it differs from traditional media

-Whatwe learned : ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of VR development."

AndyMcNamara, Head of CG and Immersive Rushes, London

Andy is an awardwinning CG artist with over 20 years experience in the field of CGI and VisualEffects and currently leads the CG department at Rushes. He started his careerat IBM in R&D before moving to the BBC where he helped develop and run theBBC’s first CG department and has since worked for numerous CG and VFX studiosin London. His range of creative and technical skills has led him to work on adiverse range of projects across broadcast, commercials, feature films, theatreproduction and more recently - immersive and VR.He’s particularly interested in excitingprojects that combine innovative applications of art and technology in the CGIand VR space.

CarolineLaing, VFX/VR Producer Rushes, London

Caroline joinedRushes in 2008 after studying Film & Broadcast Production at LondonMetropolitan University. Becoming interested in CG and the design studio, sheworked her way up to producer bridging the gap between commercials and film& tv. She has worked for many years on BBC Horizon and produced all of the on-setgraphics sequences for Spectre. Most recently Caroline produced Rushes’ virtualreality experience for Cancer Research UK.

Rafi Nizam

Virtual is Real

How might we redefine the content we produce to meet the needs ofan ever-evolving audience? How do you promote a hybrid VR storywhile simultaneously inventing the medium? How do you connect a fragmentedand nascent VR audience to excite and educate them about an artform westill don’t fully understand ourselves? This is the creative journey of'Halcyon' – an experiment in storytelling designed from the ground upfor VR entertainment. Rafi will share key learnings from thecreative strategy of this inventive and ambitious project.

Rafi Nizam, Global Creative Director NBCUniversal International, London

Rafi Nizam (rafianimates) is anaward-winning independent Animator, Director, Story Artist and CharacterDesigner from London. His work has won awards at British and Internationalfestivals notably for animated music videos, character designs and live actionpromos.

Alongside hisindependent work, Rafi is a multi­disciplined Creative and Storyteller with 15+years experience in Entertainment, Broadcast, Film, Advertising, Marketing andPR environments across film and animation production, web/social campaigns, on­-airpromotions and traditional media with a focus on entertainment products andproperties.

De Jorge-Ladrero_Luis

The evolution of storytelling and content in an age of new technologicalinnovation

Augmented Reality isn't generally labeled immersive, but it is where we'reheaded.

What do you think is the most immersive version of the Blair Witch Project?Before you shout "VR!", wouldn't it be more terrifying to be in areal forest at night? Just imagine that, with all your senses on alert, andwith vision augmented?

Location based AR stories actually have the opportunity to be MUCH moreimmersive than VR by using all of your senses. The technology to recognize yourenvironment in real-time and make intelligent decisions about what objects areis at the heart of all the latest Computer Vision research; be it robots, autonomouscars, drones etc. In a month or less this technology will begin to be packagedinto the latest mobile phones, so we're literally moments away from being ableto build stories for locations. So..have you tried the thriller on the EiffelTower? The sci-fi experience near Area 51 in Nevada?

And yes, no tracking markers or QR codes required.

Luis De Jorge-Ladrero,Senior Producer Nexus Interactive Arts,London

Luis De Jorge-Ladrero is aSenior Producer at Nexus Interactive Arts (NIA), a specialist interactivestorytelling division of nexus studios, that researches and adopts emergingtechnologies to craft engaging experiences.

His experience is focusedon new technologies and how they can inform the future of storytelling. Hiscredits include Voyage Magique for Burberry, UNCOVR for the New Yorkermagazine, as well as educational installations for the Science Museum.

For the last couple ofyears, he has focussed his research to the resurgence of AR/VR/MR technologiesand the opportunities for adoption in the entertainment and gaming sectors.

Stephan Bianca

Entering a new world - ProSiebenSat.1 VR Strategy

We endeavour to deliver the bestTV experience possible to both our viewers and our advertising clients. Asmarket leader in Germany we stand for innovation. New trends continue toinspire us and push us forward – virtual reality is one example.

BiancaStephan, Senior Manager Business Development SevenOne AdFactory, Unterföhring

Since 06/2016 Senior Manager Business Development and Product OwnerVirtual Reality at SevenOne AdFactory. From 2015 to 2016 Senior ManagerBusiness Development at ProSiebenSat.1 Digital & Adjacent. In 2014 ProSiebenSat.1US Office, San Francisco, USA. From 2013 to 2012 Manager Key Account &Project Management at ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. In 2011 Publisher Manager atAdScale. 2009 to 2011 Partner Manager & Assistant to the MDs at FemMedia, a ProSiebenSat.1 company.


VR – reshaping TV

“Virtual Reality still needs workbut major TV companies have already begun investing heavily into VR in the pastfew months. From 360° captures to entire livestreams – Virtual reality willcompletely alter the experience. But is TV ready for VR ? What is the benefitfor the viewer? Is there an advantage for the media industry? From my ownexperience I want to point out that flowing transitions from classic TV to VRwith Social Media does exist: Immersive TV.”

Jan Thiel, Co-Founderand Managing Director A4VR - the Agency for Virtual Reality, Düsseldorf

A4VR is a one stop creative agency specialized inkey ready VR concepts and solutions. Recently A4VR realized a 360° live streamof ‘The Voice of Germany’ finals. Which in fact marks the first VR usage inGerman TV. Jan is also the Co-Founder and member of Vriends. A Virtualplattform taking TV to the next level. Recently the Vriends have realized aGEAR VR app for ‘Galileo’ VR special week. Jan has an expertise of more than 15years as an executive Creative Director in multimedia events and livemarketing. Specialised in large-scale projections, vertical performance,interactive dance, holography and interactive 3D projection mappings forclients from automotive, IT & technology, architecture, fashion to TV &media.

Martin Zimper

VR Narratives - Storytelling for the 'Invisible Man"

"What we learned in twoSwiss VR productions: From the storytelling perspective Virtual Reality hasmore to do with a stage than with a cinema experience. And that you don't needinteraction to build empathy."

Prof. Dr. Martin Zimper, Head Cast/ Audiovisual Media, Zurich Universityof the Arts

Prof. Dr.Martin Zimper heads the Department of Cast / Audiovisual Media at the ZurichUniversity of the Arts. With his students, he develops stories, story worldsand concepts for new technologies, formats and screens: From smart phones toOculus Rift, from animated infographics to transmedia app content.International lecturer at Streaming Media London, Transmedia San Francisco, UCBerkeley Center for New Media, Australian Film, Television and Radio School,Sydney XMediaLab, Expo Shanghai, Cortona Week ETH.


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