The goal of the clients at ARD-Design and the participating editorial offices was to create "a friendly and warm atmosphere, similar to a multifunctional meeting room in a modern company: natural (sustainable) and clear". The hr-internal program design team Angelika Haus, Ute Haas, Marika Braun & Daniel Schmidt followed this idea and implemented a comprehensive redesign of the Plusminus studio and program design, as well as a suitable thumbnail concept for the digital presence.

"We carried out the entire design process with us: starting with an extensive design research, through the design phase to the provision of all files, working templates, templates as well as the implementation of the virtual studio," says Arne Birk, Head of Program Design hr. The Plusminus soundtrack received a refresh by the creators Kristen & Schmidt Tonstudio und Musikproduktion.

The elements produced for the real-time graphics system "Vizrt" at hr, such as the virtual studio and the inserts, can be used almost 1:1 at SWR for the production environment located there. The collaboration is working.

The "Plusminus" editorial teams have been working more closely together since the beginning of 2023 and have restructured themselves organisationally: BR, MDR and SWR broadcast their editions from Stuttgart, NDR, hr and WDR from Frankfurt.

SR will remain in Saarbrücken. In addition, a joint digital editor at hr in Frankfurt provides the ARD channels with business topics on social media.

"Plusminus" explains the interrelationships of a complex economic world in an understandable way and provides viewers with orientation. The magazine provides background reports on economic policy and macroeconomic topics, uncovers irregularities through investigative research, confronts those responsible and initiates public debates. The latest example is the investigation by "Plusminus" and the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" into tax havens in Germany.