New members: inCOLOR +++TV3

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The Cologne advertising agency inColor and the Catalan TV channel TV3 are new members of Eyes & Ears of Europe. 

Since February 2023, the creative agency inCOLOR Media GmbH in Cologne Ehrenfeld is a new member of the Eyes & Ears family. With their years of expertise in moving image content, social media, cross-media, TV promotion and design, they succeed in staging every story as a visual highlight and emotionalising every brand. inCOLOR is, among other things, a partner for RTL's marketing and thus produces for RTL, VOX, Nitro and ntv as a full-service agency. Conception, direction, producing, motion design and sound - all from one source and inCOLOR.

inCOLOR is a new member of Eyes & Ears of Europe, but the team members are no strangers. CEO Thomas Siepe and CEP Florian Mengel have been creating emotional moving image moments for years and are among the winners of the Eyes & Ears Awards with their creative work. Thomas Siepe: "We are a dynamic mix of experienced creatives and young savages and with our network of freelancers and partner agencies we enable the greatest creativity and flexibility.

inCOLOR brings colour to the creative game...and originality to all platforms. We support major brands and formats with targeted marketing campaigns and have become a favourite address for creative brand communication.

Linear TV channels, pay TV, streamers, influencers and social media platforms and all brands have one thing in common: they have their target groups in mind and are in a constant state of change.

For them, we constantly create new ideas and customised content within the framework of their strategy. And help them to reinvent themselves again and again! We listen, think along, are fearless. And open to new things. Because we love moving images. Special! Different! Innovative! inCOLOR." www.incolor.media

Eyes & Ears of Europe

TV3 is the main channel of CCMA, the Catalan Media Association - the public radio, television and digital media company in Catalonia, financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the autonomous regional government. TV3 broadcasts and produces programmes exclusively in Catalan, with an optional dual track in the original language for some foreign language series and films. The channel aims to reflect the diversity of Catalan society and offers content that has become a cultural and popular reference in genres such as entertainment, documentaries and fiction. TV3